Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Toronto Trip

If you're following me on Instagram then you probably know me and hubby went to Toronto to attend his cousin's wedding. We didn't bring the kids anymore since they had school and it's so hard to miss even one day with all the exams, lessons, and seatworks they have. Especially since they're also catching up with all the days classes were suspended due to storms before. Speaking of which, can't believe there are no classes again today because of the transport strike here in the Philippines! The kids were supposed to have a couple of exams today and we spent so much time studying yesterday. They'll be having their sem break already this week and it sucks because now it'll probably be rescheduled when they return to school...

Anyway hubby and I also figured that we should enjoy this time together just the two of us. I've always said I believe that you should give importance to couple time since that will make your relationship stronger and in turn make you better parents. And of course, sometimes you just need a break from the kids haha!

We flew via PAL and it was a loooong flight, about 16 hours total. We also had a 1 hour stopover in Vancouver but good thing we didn't go down the plane anymore. Whenever I travel, I always end up watching Pinoy movies since I never get to watch it in the cinemas here. I watched Barcelona, Love Me Tomorrow, My Ex and Whys, The Achy Breaky Hearts... marathon talaga haha! ;p

I've already been to Vancouver and this was my first time in Toronto, so I was super excited. One thing that really hit me hard was jet-lag though. Toronto has a 12-hour time difference from the Philippines so I was wide awake at like 3am the first few nights. That was 3pm Manila time so the good thing was that I was able to Facetime the kids when they came home from school and check their homework haha! And then I could barely keep my eyes open during the afternoon. The struggle is real I tell you! And then just when I was adjusted, we had to go home na waaaah! ;p

Anyway, we had a super packed itinerary since we had to cram everything in a short time. Plus of course we had the wedding and other family activities to include in our schedule.

Like the rehearsal dinner which was held in a Filipino restaurant called Tinuno. It was funny because it was my first time to experience a boodle fight and it was all the way in Canada pa lol! But the food was soooo good and the place must be really popular because it was packed.

This was also my first time to attend a wedding out of the country. The couple asked the guests to wear Chuck Taylors and it was so comfortable haha!

Love this dress which I got from Zalora. Did I mention it has pockets too? :)

They also wanted an "unplugged" wedding which was so refreshing. We were specifically asked not to use our phones to take videos or photos during the ceremony so we could all focus on the moment. And during the reception, there was no program or AVPs which is so common here in the Philippines. Their family and friends just gave heartfelt speeches which left me so teary-eyed. Honestly, it was one of the nicest weddings I've been to since it was so relaxed and personalized. Even the food was cooked by the groom (my hubby's cousin) and his friends since they are chefs. And it wasn't your typical wedding buffet, rather they served sliders, tacos, and mac & cheese. Super cool and yummy!

We stayed with hubby's cousins in Toronto and to be honest, at first I wanted to stay in a hotel so that we wouldn't impose and of course more freedom to move around. I had only met them once previously when they visited Manila and didn't know them that well. But I'm so glad we did because I was just overwhelmed with their generosity and care for us the whole trip. Their whole family was so warm and accomodating, that I was so sepanx by the time we had to go home.

in the suburbs of Toronto
my first time to see so many pumpkins!
hanging out at Centre Island
bowling night
with CN Tower in the background

I had an itinerary planned but I honestly wasn't sure how much of it was going to be followed. Since we were staying with family, of course sometimes we would be dependent on them for plans. But surprisingly, I saw most of what I wanted. The only thing I wasn't able to do was go to Ikea and Casa Loma. But so happy I got to see Niagara Falls, CN Tower, and Centre Island which I'll be blogging about in the coming days so stay tuned! ;p

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