Thursday, October 19, 2017

Landmark Alabang Department Store is Now Open!

Oh my gosh! I was seriously hyperventilating yesterday when we went to Festival Mall and I saw that Landmark's department store is NOW OPEN! Their supermarket has been open for a few months already and I've been eagerly awaiting for the rest of store to get finished... and finally it is! Hooray!!!

I have always LOVED Landmark for their home stuff and their selection of trendy and affordable clothes which makes you feel like you're shopping in Bangkok. When we moved to the south, I missed Landmark the most since I used to go there practically every week when I was still working in Makati. My building was The Enterprise and if you're familiar with the location, it has a walkway directly connected to the Landmark!

Anyway, now I would only get to go to Landmark Makati on super rare occasions. That's why when I saw that they were opening a Landmark in Festival Mall exactly a year ago, I really couldn't believe it!

There's an entrance connected to the new wing of Festival Mall in the 2nd floor which is so convenient. The grocery kasi before, you have to walk pa outdoors.

I thought there wouldn't be that much stuff pa, but they are FULLY opened! All 4 floors!

Layout is very much like in Makati. I don't know which is bigger but I feel this one is, probably because not much people yet. And it's so bright and maaliwalas. I feel like there's just more space in general, kasi in Landmark Makati medyo siksikan and dikit-dikit na un mga racks and displays. Here, everything's so neat pa. I hope it stays this way, ang sarap mag-shop. I can easily spend the whole day here! ;p

1st floor is MENS -

2nd floor is WOMENS -

3rd floor is KIDS and TOYS -

4th floor is HOME -

And there's also an ANSON's opening soon just like in Makati.

Ground floor is the GROCERY and FOOD COURT which has been open since end of July. I love going here since it's so bright and spacious and the variety and selection of food is great. If I'm not mistaken, cheaper pa than other supermarkets.

I'm just so happy right now, my life living in the south is complete na haha! :)

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