Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Tooth Fairy's 1st visit to our house!

Last night my 7 year old daughter finally lost her first tooth! What a milestone!

Actually, she already mentioned a few weeks ago that she felt her bottom tooth was moving. But I felt it and although it was moving, it was still pretty stuck to her gums. However, a few days ago we noticed that a new tooth was already growing behind the wobbly tooth!

By this time, her baby tooth was more wobbly but it still wasn't showing any signs of falling off on its own. I was already scared since I didn't want this to affect the way her permanent tooth would come out. As much as possible, sana she wouldn't need braces in the future diba?

Anyway, I was thinking of bringing her to the dentist, but she was so scared! Would you believe she's NEVER been to the dentist aside from a required visit to the school clinic? She's so lucky because her teeth are in great shape without any cavities!

Well, I did research and some in similar situations had it removed by the dentist while others said to wait it out since it will eventually fall off. So we just asked my daughter to wiggle her tooth constantly to help loosen it up. Her yaya wanted to tie a string on it and pull, but hello that's so traumatizing kaya haha!

Finally, last night as she was brushing her teeth it came out! The tooth fell pa nga to the floor and all of us (me, her dad, and 2 yayas) rushed to the bathroom looking for it! Well, we found it and here it is!

Haha she looks so cute bungi! What more if it's the top 2 teeth? ;p

Anyway, she was so excited for the tooth fairy to come. She wrote this letter and I was laughing so hard when I read it! I love the "please check my breath" part! And haaay, now I had to write back pa! And she asked for candy and new toothpaste pa?! Wala ako nun!

I waited for her to fall asleep then I contemplated whether to give a written note. But she might recognize my handwriting so I just printed one instead. And I was all set to give her P100 but she asked for just P20.10 so I'm happy to oblige!

Anyway, she put her letter and tooth in a small box so I just put the money and my note inside. But then I didn't take the tooth since I ordered this wooden keepsake container and I figured it would be weird if she suddenly saw all her baby teeth there when the tooth fairy supposedly got it right?

Well, she woke up super early (like before 6am!) and woke me up saying the tooth fairy didn't come yet. I was like "I'm sure she did baby, check the box" But the thing is, she just shook the box (didn't open it) and heard something shaking inside so she assumed her tooth was still there and the tooth fairy didn't get it. By this time, I was kicking myself for not getting the tooth!

I was kinda panicking na, but then I had an idea. I said I'll check the box myself and opened it. Then I said "Look Miley there's money inside! I think that's the coin you heard and not your tooth" (buti na lang she asked for 10 cents!) And while she was busy reading the note, I quickly got her tooth and hid it! Whew!

Anyway, she was so happy and excited with her money! She was saying "Oh yeah, I'm rich!" hahaha! And for the note, she was like "why does the Tooth Fairy have a printer?" OMG! I just said, of course she has a printer since she has to make notes for so many kids everyday diba?

Whew! I'm just glad she bought it haha! Now, I have to get ready to make more notes from the Tooth Fairy in the coming years. :)

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