Tuesday, March 21, 2017

ClubBambino Summer Camp 2017 Programs

It's summer once again! And if you have children like me, the one thing you look for is activities they can do while there's no school. I mean really, how many times can you hear the phrase "I'm bored!" lol! If you're from the south, here's ClubBambino's programs for their summer camp this year.

Group 7-12yo - Mar 30-Apr 2 / 10am-11am
Group 9-14yo - Mar 30-Apr 2 / 2pm-3pm
Visiting Instructor: Sonja Bretschneider
Total of 4 sessions at 1hr per session
Fee: P2,800

Investing for Kids is a 4-day, 1 hour each day program for kids aged 7-12 and 9-14 years old. It will be conducted by a visiting international instructor - Sonja Bretschneider. In this camp, campers experience financial concepts through different card/board games and simulations. They get a chance to learn about investing in property, stocks and businesses through games and activities. Hopefully they will figure out some tips for the parents, too! At the end of the camp, kids will learn some strategies about debt, chosing investments based on risk, and the importance and process of becoming an entrepreneur. Campers will present what they have learned at the end of the course to their parents.

For ages 10-15 yo - Apr 1-2 / 4-6pm
Visiting Instructor: Sonja Bretschneider
Total of 2 sessions at 2hrs per session
Fee: P2,800

Presentation Station is a 2-day, 2 hour each day program for kids aged 10-15 years old. It will be conducted by a visiting international instructor - Sonja Bretschneider. Campers will see good and poor examples of speeches and create their own checklist that they personally need to follow. Topics we will explore are structure and message, various elements of speech and body language. We will learn by doing and create our own speech to present at the end of the camp.

visiting guest instructor

Group 2-4yo - April 3 to 28 / Mon and Fri / 10-11am
Group 5-7 yo - April 4 to 27 / Tue and Thurs / 1-2pm
Total of 8 sessions at 1hr per session
Explore a different SMART every day
Fee: P5,600

The Multi-Intelligence Camp is for ages 2-4 and 5-7 years old. Camps start on Apr 4. It’s not a question of “How smart are you?” but “What kind of smart are you?” The MI Camp features activities that will focus on the 8 intelligence as espoused by Howard Gardner: Music Smart, Nature Smart, Math Smart, Picture Smart, Body Smart, Logic Smart, Self Smart and People Smart. This camp will allow a child to discover, explore and develop new talents, skills or abilities. May it be to nurture a particular skill or build towards a more balanced child, this camp is loaded with fun activities touching on all 8 types of intelligence. Both parent and child will enjoy the discovery process prepared by our teachers and early childhood experts.

Group 3-5y0 - April 4 to 27 / Tue & Thu / 2-3pm
Group 6-10yo - April 4 to 27 / Tue & Thu / 4-5pm
Group 11-15yo - April 4 to 27 / Tue & Thu / 5-6pm
Total of 8 sessions at 1 hr per session
Fee: P5,600

About JH Kim Taekwondo Philippines:
Website: http://jhkim-singapore.com/
JH Kim Taekwondo from Boston, USA is conducting a summer camp for 3-5, 5-10 and 11-16 years old in ClubBambino. The program is specifically designed to give kids a taste of taekwondo, using scientific and psychological resources to cater to children at this age so they can experience training that enhances motor skills, cognitive development, and social skills. These skills have been broken down into age-specific exercises, games and drills to complement each stage of development. Aside from developing anti-bully and self-defense skills, martial arts is also known to teach discipline, build confidence and nurture self-esteem.

On-Going Promo:
- Group Discount (2 or more) – 10% OFF. Offer valid up to Mar 23, 2017.
     • Get better value when you enroll to the Summer Camp together with friends or siblings. Get 10% off on your enrollment fee.
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How To Register:
1. Call us at (02) 801-5997 or;
2. Register online via: https://goo.gl/forms/OsVmHExchf3wMbnw2

ClubBambino Kids Gym
330 Noah's Place Aguirre Ave. cor Tehran St. BF Homes ParaƱaque
(02) 801 5997 & (0917) 833 4730

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