Sunday, December 11, 2016

Winter Woodland Christmas at SM Aura

I swear, the Christmas display at SM Aura this year is seriously one of the nicest I've ever seen! I literally gasped when we walked by since it was so pretty!

I love the whole woodland theme, with reindeers, owls. and other forest animals. And the white, silver, and red colors were so elegant and classy.

view from the 2nd level
this wolf was huge!

Anyway, I was so excited to take pics with the kids but as usual, they were NOT cooperating! Why is it so difficult to stand still and smile for kids??! ;p

the boys were just not having it!
with lolo and lola

Ugh, I had to do a bit of bribing for them to stay put! "Yes, we'll go to the toy store after if you just smile! Nice smile please! Wait, don't move! Just one more!" Actually, I shouldn't have said toy store because they got even more impatient and kept wanting to leave na! Haaaaaay!

We'll we got some good pics after 10 thousand takes. And yes, we did go to the toy store right after.

Anyway, check out this article for more malls around the metro with gorgeous Christmas displays, including the Ever After High at SM BF I posted about previously. And wow, can't believe there's just 2 weeks left before Christmas! :)

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