Friday, December 30, 2016

A DISNEY Christmas!

Our much awaited theme for our family's annual Christmas costume party was... DISNEY! Last year was Asian and the year before that was Ugly Sweater. It was easy for me to think of what to go as, since I've thought of doing INSIDE OUT for Halloween before. So here na lang for Christmas! ;p

Inside Out is perfect for us since we're 5 in the family so one emotion each sana. But since hubby's parents and brother would be joining us, I had to change some characters.

and hubby as JANGLES the CLOWN lol!

Here's the rest of the family with their Disney costumes! There was The Little Mermaid, Mickey Mouse, Star Wars, Peter Pan, and The Jungle Book. And the overall winner was... The Little Mermaid family haha! Well deserved naman. ;p

I just love how everyone is so game with the costumes. I had a lot of fun doing ours like our face masks which I just printed out on cardboard.

For hubby's clown costume, I just made the collar and tutu out of pink crepe paper. Then I just stuck circles on his pants. I also made the mallet hammer out of cardboard. For Fear, I used a plain black vest and used masking tape to make the checkered pattern. Then, Bing Bong's outfit was just a mix of stuff from our closets (his jacket, his sister's pink shirt and sweater, my hat and leggings). I just printed the bow tie and flower pin to complete the look!

I also made Anger's flame hat out of cardboard. Thanks Dad for being in character lol!

It was a super fun Christmas and can't wait for next year's theme. Will make sure we'll win next time haha!

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