Thursday, April 21, 2016

Our McDonald's Kiddie Crew experience 2016

Over the past few years, I've been seeing pictures of the McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop in social media and I'd always wondered when my own kids would get to do it. Well, finally the time has come since they're now old enough (5 & 6 years old)!

We actually registered in mid-March here in BF, and got the slot for the Batch 4 workshop which was held last April 11-15. There's a morning and an afternoon session, and we signed up for the 3PM to 5PM schedule. You don't need to bring your child with you when you sign up since you'll just be submitting the form and payment. The uniforms will be given later on.

For a registration fee of P650, your child will get a t-shirt, cap, bag, I.D., workshop materials, and meals.

The orientation and releasing of uniforms was actually done just 2 days before we started the workshop. We got a text on Friday to come to McDonald's the next day (Saturday) from 1:30PM - 3PM.

Basically, the kids just introduced themselves and we were given an overview of the activities that they will be doing for the week. These activities will only be from Monday to Thursday though, since Friday will just be their graduation.

Values formation lecture: Teamwork, handwork, responsibility, discipline, sharing
On-the-floor training: Front counter, Drive-thru, Lobby
Workshops: Personalize your own Scrapbook, Burger Making, Talent Workshop, Song and Dance: Kiddie Crew Theme Song, Do-the-Ronald, Dance Exercise

Then the kids were given a short tour of the kitchen area. Some important reminders were that the kids should come in pants/jeans since there might be hot areas in the kitchen they could be exposed to, and also to use a hairnet at all times to ensure food cleanliness.

items released during the orientation

Anyway, we did the workshop together with some of their friends so it would be more fun. I think us mommies were more excited than the kids haha! And be ready to eat a whole lot of McDonald's for the whole week lol. And to buy Happy Meals for your kids! ;p

first day on the job!

There were 12 kids in their batch and they would stay in the party area room first and do some activities. Us parents would just wait for them outside but we could see them sometimes dancing or drawing. Then after a while, they'd go out and do on-the-floor training. Take note though that they only spend about 45 minutes here so if you're going to invite relatives and friends, make sure they're there early. Their grandparents missed them twice since they were already done by 4pm!

What I appreciated is that the staff were so accommodating to us parents who kept taking pictures of the kids. I'm sure you can imagine us all crowding around the counter and drive-thru area haha! Of course, this is free advertising for them so I'm sure they encourage it. ;p

Anyway, my kids' favorite activity was doing the drive-thru and they did this all week!

Of course, we went and ordered drive-thru so they could serve us personally. That's hubby in the black car getting his merienda. ;p The kids were so excited every time they would see an incoming car in the monitor. And they loved handing out the food to the customers!

They also did the first window of the drive-thru where you give your payment.

 They were also able to do the counter, but they told me they really liked the drive-thru area more.

On Day 4, they did the burger making activity. I'm glad the parents were allowed to go inside to watch the kids and take pics. It was so fun seeing them make a McDo burger, which was also their food after.

Btw, their merienda for the week is either a burger or spaghetti. Since my daughter is very picky with food and doesn't eat either, it's ok to bring snacks or buy something else (in our case fries). I just ate her food after. Hay, tataba ka talaga sa Kiddie Crew e! ;p

For the last day, we were informed that their graduation would be at 10AM since it was for both the morning and afternoon batches together. When it started, we were so surprised that it was Sabre who led the prayer! It was so cute because they just told him to pray for what he felt like. So he said something like "Dear God, please pray for my Daddy when he's at work. And take care of my mommy when she's at home." LOL! Love you baby!

Then, the morning and afternoon batches performed their Kiddie Crew song one after the other.

After a group picture, it was time to give out their certificates. Here they are with Kuya Rolly, who was so nice and patient with them. I'm sure it's not easy dealing with a whole bunch of kids for these workshops, so thumbs up to all of the Kiddie Crew staff. :)

good job kids!

Here are some of the other items they were able to take home - a scrapbook where they draw what they did for the day, a CD with the McDo songs, and pins/badges.

We really had a wonderful time and I definitely recommend this activity to everyone. For P650, it's super sulit and the kids get to have such a great and memorable experience. They were actually so sad when it ended so for sure we will be doing this again next year!

I believe registration is until April 30, but I heard there are some branches that are already full. Just make sure to call the branch to inquire or check the McDo website for more details.

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