Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Blow Painting for Kids

I've been looking at Art Workshops I can enroll my daughter in this summer, but honestly they can be quite expensive. And for her age (she's 6), most of the activities are still for beginners like finger painting, collage making, paper folding, molding clay, etc. So I figured, why not just do art activities with her at home? So off we went to National Bookstore and bought a bunch of materials (which cost a fraction of what one class would have cost!). And for our first activity, we did blow painting!

All you need is some PAINT...


And STRAW! Then, you just have to water down your paints so they'll be easier to blow on the paper.

To get the paint, I told my daughter to dip the straw in the container then hold the top part of the straw to trap the paint. Then just let go on the paper.

The best part is there's no rules to this! Just keep blowing colors and it'll form this nice abstract art piece.

What do you think? Super easy and fun to do! But not so much for the younger kids, they might sip the paint instead hehe. So if you're thinking of something to do with you kiddos this summer, why not give this activity a try. :)

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