Sunday, September 13, 2015

Frozen Toys Rescue Mission!

I have to thank my friend Ange for giving me this idea when she posted a photo on Facebook of her boys doing this activity. All you have to do is freeze some toys in water and and have your kids find a way to "rescue" or get them out. It looked super easy to do and something I knew my own kids would love playing!

I used small and medium sized toys which I wasn't afraid would get broken or ruined (bath toys or those Kinder Egg Surprise toys would be perfect!). I then placed them in plastic containers and filled them with water.

For smaller toys, you can put a couple of pieces per container.

I waited until the next day to take the containers out of the fridge just to make sure they were really frozen good. So if you have impatient kids, maybe you shouldn't show this to them first since they would want to keep checking the freezer every hour and then get disappointed when it wasn't done yet (like mine did ;p).

It would be nice to do this activity outdoors especially on a hot day, but you can also do it inside the house. I just got a big basin so the kids could defrost the toys without getting the floor wet.

And the blocks of ice were easy to pop out of the plastic containers too. I just turned them upside down and gave the bottom part a push, just like you would a regular ice tray.

So cool (literally)!!! ;p

You can have your kids use different "tools" to get the toys out. I just gave them forks to chip the ice. It was so fun watching them play especially when they were able to get a toy out! And they were really taking it seriously, saying things like "We have to get them out quick so they can breathe!" lol!

some of the rescued toys!

They were able to get the smaller toys out quickly but the bigger block of ice took more time. After a while, we just went outdoors and started throwing the ice on the ground haha! It did work but be careful in doing this since you might damage the toy (like the hand of this poor action figure). So again, use old toys if possible or those you wouldn't mind breaking.

I think this is a really fantastic idea and the best part is that this activity can entertain the kids for a really long time! ;p

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