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Skyler's Travel Themed 1st Birthday Party: Supplier Ratings

Finally, here's my supplier ratings for Sky's 1st birthday party. Sorry it took so long, it's just that I tend to procrastinate whenever I have to sort through so many pictures. ;p Anyway, I'll just get straight to the point so here goes. Warning, long read hehe!

I have to start with the invite which was the basis for all the design elements and colors of the party which you will see later on. The template of the invite and the airplane visual were stuff I found online.


First of all, I have to say I am so glad I found this supplier because they have definitely exceeded my expectations. I loved how the whole party tuned out overall, down to the last detail. Out of my 3 kids' 1st birthday parties, I have to say this was the prettiest in terms of styling because they really helped me achieve the look I wanted. :)

At first, I was thinking of just doing DIY styling but I just didn't want to be stressed out anymore on the day of the party. I considered a couple of caterers and party decorators separately, but what ultimately sold me to finally book Party Time was that they provided both services for a very good price. Upon computing, they turned out cheaper than if I got the separate suppliers I was eyeing at first. And I liked how I just had to talk to 1 point person since it made planning so much easier.

I emailed them asking for a pricelist and they got back to me very quickly. In fact, it was such a breeze corresponding with them. I asked if they had samples of other travel themed parties they did before and they sent me pictures which I was very happy with. What I especially liked about them was that balloon decor for the venue was included in their package already.

Their computation for the balloon decor depends on the menu you choose. For example, if you get the Budget Menu (which I did), number of balloons to be used is 150% of the number of guests. So let's say I have 100 guests, they will use 150 balloons. Of course, balloon number increases the higher the menu package. And I was super happy that they used swags which made the venue look so much better.

I have to say that I was blown away when I first saw how they had styled the venue! And the Tiffany Chairs made everything look so classy.

My favorite part was definitely the stage set up. It was exactly what I dreamed of and more! When we were finalizing the details of the party, I said I didn't want a styro backdrop and was leaning towards the wooden planks I had seen in their other pictures. I was so surprised when I saw the final product because they had also taken the airplane visual with Skyler's name from the invitation I sent them and recreated it! And they also added the maps on either side using the colors from the party. It was such a nice detail that tied everything together.

I super loved all the details at the bottom of the stage as well. So pretty and beautifully styled!

I also loved how they incorporated some of the items I provided like these postcards I made with travel quotes.

Table centerpieces are also included in their package. But instead of the usual flowers, they used luggage bags, maps and other details like the small Eiffel Tower, envelopes, glass bottles, and wooden stumps. What I did was provide whatever additional travel themed items I had like small globes, wooden airplanes and some frames with Sky's pictures. I also made some postcards like I mentioned above which I was planning on just scattering on the tables. But they provided picture frames (the colorful ones) and also small easel stands which worked so much better!

all the picture frames with Sky's picture was provided by me

I also loved how each table centerpiece was different from one another. It made it more interesting for me. :)

For the food, I got their BUDGET MENU which was the cheapest at P300 per person (I had 140 guests). Since the party was in the afternoon, I figured it was ok not to have too many main dishes since it was merienda naman. Party Time has so many good food choices it was a bit difficult to choose. But in the end, this was our menu:

Baked Spaghetti
Beef Pot Roast in Mushroom Gravy Sauce
Mini Pizza
Chocolate Mousse in shot glasses
Citrus Lemon Iced Tea
Steamed Rice

Party Time has different promos depending on how early you pay the deposit. This buffet styro backdrop which matched the stage set up was a freebie. I really loved how it made the buffet set up look so much better. :)

Sorry but I don't have pictures of the food. :( The thing was, I didn't hire a professional photographer anymore and just asked my sister to take the pics. I asked her to take photos of everything but of course she still forgot haaay. Un dessert lang un nakunan lol. But everyone said that the food was delicious especially the beef pot roast. Thumbs up overall!

I also had food carts which I got from Party Time but again sorry no pics. But I got the following:
- 100 Servings Flavored French Fries (BBQ, Sour Cream, Cheese) 
- 100 Servings Arce dairy Ice Cream Cart 

Everyone was asking me throughout the party who my caterer and stylist was since everyone was so impressed. Their rates are very reasonable and I think they made my party look so much more expensive than what it really cost. I would definitely recommend Party Time to anyone and would absolutely use them again for any of my kids future parties. :)

Party Host & Magician: WIZZO
Contact Number: 0927-6022392

I again searched online for recommendations on different party hosts. Wizzo had a lot of good reviews, his price was within my budget, and most importantly he was available on my party date.

He arrived right on time, was very professional, and had a complete set of equipment (sound system is included in the package) with a couple of assistants. He spoke English very well, kept the audience engaged all throughout his program, and made sure to end on time.

While waiting for the other guests to arrive, his team provided coloring materials to the kids which they greatly enjoyed.

To be honest, I wasn't able to really focus on his games and other activities since I was busy entertaining guests. But from what I saw, all the kids and even adults were having a blast. :)

He also did simple balloon twisting...

And a ventri puppet show which the kids really enjoyed (my daughter Miley said it was her favorite part since it was so funny hehe).

I believe it was his magic show that really captivated the audience though. He asked me beforehand if I wanted to add his 2 special illusions ("Metamorphosis" and "Anti Gravity Ladder Illusion") for an extra fee but I didn't get it na. The magic he performed though was really good and even the adults were in awe of the tricks. Galing na galing sila!

One trick also required the special participation of hubby hehe ;p

Take note though that from what I saw, Wizzo is not your stand-up comic type of guy. If you want a more hilarious, slapstick host, then you should look elsewhere. But all my guests were really impressed with his program and I had a lot of people ask me after for his contact details. I was actually supposed to book him again for another family event this month but he wasn't available anymore. :)

So I have to say that yes, Wizzo was money well spent since he kept all the guests entertained and kept the party fun for everyone.

Contact Number: 0920-9184324

I just emailed my invite for reference on the colors and design and this is the beautiful output! Only the bottom layer is cake (chocolate flavor) btw. And we didn't serve the cake during the party since I was really planning to use it for our cake smash session a few days after.

I loved the overall look and details of this cake! I almost didn't want to ruin it during our photoshoot but the pictures turned out great (which I have yet to blog about). And whatever cake we were able to taste after was delicious hehe. ;p


I had always wanted to order these wooden stools and I figured it would be a nice giveaway for the party. The airplane visual was from the invite and I chose 3 different colors. I got 30 pieces at P95 each. They also charged me P450 for the shipping fee for the stools to be delivered to my house.

The thing was, I got the Mini Stool 1 and didn't realize how small it was until it was delivered to me. The height was 6" and diameter was also 6". They provided naman the dimensions when I was ordering but I guess I just didn't think it would be that tiny (sorry mahina din ako sa math lol!).

This is how small it is compared to a regular sized kiddie chair. To be honest, it looks cute but it's useless to sit on. Pang decoration na lang talaga. It's my fault naman for not checking the size so lesson learned na lang. ;p

Prizes: DIVISORIA and various Toy Stores

I got most of my prizes from Divisoria (check out my shopping trip HERE) and other stuff I saw on sale during the Christmas season. It was so funny since Miley and Sabe are very competitive and won a lot of games so we ended up taking most of the prizes home din lol! ;p

For the DIY elements I did, click HERE.


  1. Your sister takes pictures like a professional. :-) Everything's simply fantastic. All the best! (Your suppliers were wonderfully chosen.)

  2. every details was very well thought. happy birthday little one!



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