Sunday, December 15, 2013

We watched Barbie LIVE!

Yey, I'm so happy we were able to watch Barbie LIVE! at the MOA Arena. Thanks to the 50% off tickets from Metrodeal, we were able to score some pretty good seats at a steal.

Being a Barbie fan myself, I was also really excited to watch (I think even more than Miley haha!). Whenever the kids would watch Barbie movies, I would also sit with them and watch from beginning to end, singing the songs, and even dancing along! ;p

Miley in her Barbie outfit. So many other kids were dressed up like Barbie too or like princesses with their little tiaras. So cute!
Merchandise for sale. Those Mariposa wings cost P650! So expensive!

Anyway, the show was really entertaining and so much fun! I loved the stage and all the costumes too. They featured some of Barbie's most popular movies, including Miley's current favorite "Mariposa" and my favorite "The Princess & The Popstar".

It's Barbie and her friends!
a scene from Swan Lake
Barbie with her best friend Teresa
Mariposa and Princess Catania
loved the stage for this number
some of the characters would walk in the aisles, like Aunt Amelia of The Princess & The Popstar
It's Tori, rocking out in the concert!
the finale
good job Barbie!
the whole cast takes a bow

I'm so happy I was able to share this experience with my daughter. We're both still on a Barbie high, singing some of the new songs plus looking at the pictures and watching the videos I took. Now I can't wait to watch more shows like this with the kids. :)

at MOA after the show

Anyway, hope you're all having a great weekend! Can you believe Christmas is just 10 days away? :)

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