Thursday, October 24, 2019

Astra's Birth Story

Finally sharing Astra's birth story with you guys! If you read my previous post about my pregnancy, it was fairly easy for me up until my last trimester. Especially the final month, when I started having difficulty walking due to manas/swollen feet and feeling a lot of pressure and pain in my pelvic area. I experienced having trouble sleeping, and just turning from one side to another was so hard! And ugh, the constant need to pee!

I was also experiencing a lot of Braxton Hicks, which made me happy since I knew the end was near. Miley was born at 36.3 weeks, Sabe at 37.3 weeks and Skyler at 38.3 weeks (see the pattern?), so I was pretty sure I wouldn't reach 40 weeks. But at week 38 I was so restless already, it felt like FOREVER!!!

On September 12, I went to the doctor and found out I was at 2cm after doing an IE. She then prescribed Buscopan and Evening Primrose tablets to speed things up. And telling me to walk a lot, but I really couldn't since my manas feet were killing me! By this time I was reading up on all possible ways to induce labor naturally, like eating pineapple and getting a foot massage. I was thinking if ever, sana I could give birth on September 19 na lang, so the date would be 9.19.19. Diba ang nice!

The next day, September 13 (which was also Friday the 13th!), was exactly my 39th week mark. It was a pretty uneventful morning. I was just in bed most of the time and then at around 3:30pm I felt a trickle of liquid, kind of like pee that I can't hold in. The leaking started to get stronger, but I felt no contractions or pain. I texted my doctor and she called me and said yup, that's your water breaking and I should go to the hospital na.

It was my first time to experience my water breaking so I didn't realize how much water there was! After a few minutes, I was already GUSHING water down there! I put a pad on but it was soaked within seconds. I didn't want to stand up since every time I did, the water would just come out so strong! I was also supposed to pick up Skyler from school since hubby was at work. I actually tried getting in the car but I was leaking so bad na by this time. Good thing hubby rushed after I called him and picked up Sky on the way home. After fixing some last minute stuff in our hospital bag and saying goodbye to the kids, we were finally on our way!

Last picture before I was admitted. I'm wearing hubby's slippers coz they're the only things that fit my manas feet haha!

We arrived in Makati Med at around 6pm. I was at 4-5cm when they admitted me. It was so funny because I kept reading advice from mommy groups to have a list of your medical history, have a copy of your ultrasounds, etc. when going to the hospital. I was interviewed and had complete mommy brain! I couldn't even remember my vitamins, date of last ultrasound, and stuff! So just a tip, have these info written down or on your phone so it would be easier when they ask you lol. ;p

Anyway, it was around 7pm when I was transferred to the labor room. I remember it was the exact same room where I labored with Skyler which brought back so many memories!

I was still fine at this point and was hooked on an IV, (the nurse had to prick me twice pa, since the first time was unsuccessful, the needle was in but the medicine was not going thru). The nurses were saying I had a high tolerance for pain because I was still smiling despite strong contractions based on the monitor.

kaya pa!

It was past 8pm when I decided to get an epidural while I could still handle pain. I was I think 6 or 7cm at this point. Anyway, this was when things started to go downhill. The anesthesiologist tried to give me the epidural while I was in a lying down position. I  felt the cut on my back then the needle trying to enter, but for some reason, the anesthesiologist couldn't find the right space between the bones in my spine! She said maybe because I was manas or baby was big this time. She tried again, but still a fail. The contractions were coming fast na which super sucked! For the 3rd try, she said I should try doing an indian sit position. But still, ayaw talaga pumasok nun needle! I think this was almost an hour of them trying to administer the epidural ha! When she said ayaw talaga, I wanted to faint. I mean, hello wala akong balak mag natural birth!!! They asked if I wanted to try another anesthesiologist and I said YES, only to later find out nasa QC daw un doctor my gosh!

My OB and the anesthesiologist just said I'll get a saddle block once I was ready to deliver. FYI, Saddle Block is spinal anesthesia confined to the perineum, the buttocks, and the inner aspect of the thighs. Easier daw to administer since the needle is smaller.

Anyway, the pain was so bad na, good thing when my OB checked I was fully dilated na at around 9:45pm. They rushed me to the delivery room, performed the saddle block and it worked. Ahhh what a relief! Although I think it made it more difficult to push since I couldn't feel anything. But they helped me naman. The baby ended up being really big so her shoulder got stuck pa! But she finally came out and the doctor said IT'S A GIRL! We didn't know the gender up until that point so hubby and I were kinda shocked (we were both expecting na boy haha) I even had to tell Vins to start taking pictures na!

Our first family pic! Welcome to the world ASTRA CLARISSE!
September 13, 2019 - 10:08 PM
8 lbs. 12 oz. - 21 inches

She didn't cry at first though, so I became so nervous. Then they placed oxygen and started sucking the stuff from her mouth and then finally she cried! Thank God! She had difficulty daw breathing so she had to be monitored in the nursery and needed oxygen the first day.

This was my fastest labor ever since it basically took just 3 hours from 7pm to 10pm! And of course, kaloka un walang epidural! I can't believe I was able to bear the pain haha. Astra is also my BIGGEST baby at 8 lbs 12 oz!!! Everyone was saying good thing I was still able to deliver normally despite her size. ;p

Anyway I was in the recovery room from 11pm to 2am. I was feeling really cold and had intense chills (I also experienced this during my previous delivery) so they put this heater blanket on me which really helped. Finally, it was time to go to my room to rest!

to be continued...

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