Saturday, October 5, 2019

My 4th Pregnancy!

Hello again blog! Wow, my last post was in April pa pala! If you're following me Instagram (@mrsmommyholic), I'm sure you know by now that I've given birth to my 4th child! So many people were surprised, shocked, and in disbelief (some actually thought prank lang daw haha) because hubby and I never posted about my pregnancy on social media.

Well, this pregnancy was kinda a surprise, but I guess deep down we were really open to having a 4th baby (max na talaga haha). I found out we were expecting in mid-January because I was delayed and my period is pretty regular. Hubby didn't want to believe me pa and had me do another test to be sure lol! We were happy of course, yet super nervous... I mean 4 kids?! Kaya ba?? Our youngest Skyler is now 5 years old and I felt we would be starting from scratch again. And at that time, we had already planned to go on some out of the country trips later in the coming months so I was also anxious about that...

I remember finally going to my OB and getting an ultrasound first week of March. And there it was, I was really pregnant! Hubby and I kept joking that it didn't seem real prior to that, but when you see the baby on the screen and hear the heartbeat, confirmed na talaga! The OB who did the ultrasound asked if it was my first baby. Umm, 4th na po lol. She said maybe this baby is destined for great things, I hope so too!

We finally told the kids first and they were excited. Miley wanted a sister of course, while the boys wanted a brother. We had a family dinner for my father in law's birthday later that night, and that's when we told the rest of the family that we were expecting!

1st Trimester (January to March)

The 1st trimester for me is really tough because although I don't throw up, I just feel nauseous and weird all the time. Candy was my best friend. I remember being so hungry 24/7 (I was craving for spaghetti/noodles throughout this pregnancy)! And you know I don't feel good when I don't even want to go to the mall haha. I just wanted to sleep and stay in bed all day. There was a time my hands and legs were also so itchy which was torture!

I just kept praying and waiting for the day when I wake up and all the morning sickness was gone. And thankfully it did just as I was nearing the 2nd trimester.

It was also my brother-in-law's wedding in March. The entourage's dresses were all done before I even found out I was pregnant. So I just had to do some DIY adjustments to make the waist fit since my tummy was already showing a little bit.

The whole fam also went to Cebu after the wedding for a quick vacay. Good thing I was already feeling better by this time since I had to take care of 3 kulit kids!

Hello baby bump! Bathing suit from Coco Cabana in SM

2nd trimester (April - June) 

The 2nd trimester is really the best for me! This is when I feel my strongest and most normal. I'm so thankful all my pregnancies weren't delicate or had complications since for some reason, I tend to travel a lot when I'm expecting. I guess I want to go before I pop because I know I won't be able to leave for quite some time after lol. Of course, I still get nervous because you never know what can happen when you're out of the coutry, but thankfully eveything went fine.

Sapporo in April
The US in May
Singapore in June

Me and my 2 friends had been planning our Euro trip last year pa, so I was so worried when I found out I was preggy. Good thing the timing was just right, I was going to be 6 months during our travel time, which was still allowable to fly. But our itinerary was originally supposed to be Greece, Turkey, and Italy but I knew that it was going to be too tiring already for me. So I just had to compromise with Greece which was one of my ultimate bucket list places to visit. I'm not gonna lie, it was tough being pregnant especially since a lot of the places required HIKING (reaching the top of the Acropolis was insane!) and it was summer pa so it was HOT! I mean, it was tough on regular people what more a 6 month pregnant lady (who doesn't even exercise I might add haha!) I had to make sure to take frequent breaks, drink lots of water, and not push myself too much. But it was one awesome, unforgettable experience and I'm so glad I was able to do it!


Oh, and we also decided not to find out the gender of the baby this time around. We already have a girl and 2 boys so we were fine with anything really, as long as it was healthy of course! But of course deep down I wanted a girl so Miley would have a sister. And little girls are just so cute to dress up! ;p

During my second trimester ultrasound, I had to look away from the screen since I didn't want to see anything that might spoil the surprise. They gave me an envelope with the gender and it was so hard not to peek haha! Hubby took it to his office and hid it there, away from me and the kids lol!

Taking the Glucose Tolerance Test. I actually liked the cola flavored drink haha! And I PASSED!

3rd trimester (July to September) 

The end of my pregnancy is usually the worst because that's when I experience the most pain! And the 1st and 2nd trimesters flew by so fast, but the 3rd felt like FOREVER! Towards the last month, it was so hard to sleep, finding a comfortable position, and peeing in the middle of the night countless times. Just turning from one side to another in bed was a struggle! Plus, I was having difficulty walking since I felt the baby was pressing down on my pelvis and there would sometimes be shooting pains with every step.

Maternity suppport wear was a lifesaver during traveling and towards the final stretch of my pregnancy. This BLANQI tank top was worth every penny! 

The manas feet was the absolute worst for me!!! It started swelling in my final month and I just wanted to give birth to get over it. Everyone kept saying I had to walk but I couldn't! I felt like my feet would burst from the pressure. Like I would gladly experience labor if it meant my manas feet would be gone, that's how much it hurt!

Anyway, it's been 3 weeks since I gave birth and thankfully I'm feeling almost 100% back to normal. I'm not gonna lie, even though it's such a blessing to be able to carry and nurture a child inside of you for 9 months, I'm happy my pregnancy journey is over. Being pregnant and giving birth is hard! And after, breastfeeding is still a challenge - I had bleeding nipples the first week huhu, but we got this! Moms are tough right? ;p

I still can't believe it sometimes that we now have 4 kids. 4 beautiful babies that grew inside of me and I pushed out into this world. I feel so blessed and will share my birth story next!

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