Saturday, April 28, 2018

Sabre's 7th birthday photoshoot

Sabre turned 7 years old last week and we all know this is a big milestone in any child's life. We didn't have a big party and just chose to go to Hong Kong for a family vacation. He did have a small pool party though so he could still celebrate with a few friends.

His sister Miley had a photoshoot last year for her 7th birthday and I definitely knew we were also doing one for Sabre. However, I decided not to hire a photographer anymore. I just used my Sony A5000 camera and did all the styling myself.

For the props, I just used various stuff we had at home from which I mostly got during our travels. I bought this teepee during our trip to Australia, the colorful lights were from Bangkok, the globes and letter S from Canada. The mat and pillows are from Landmark.

Just a tip, I went on Pinterest and looked for poses and angles we could copy. Sabre kasi just kept giving me the same look at first, just standing straight with his hands on the side. So once we had some pegs, it was easier for him to pose hehe. ;p

Again, happy 7th birthday Sabre! It's no secret that he's probably the closest to me and his dad because he just loves to go everywhere with us. He's also so sweet and probably a certified mama's boy, always saying I look pretty and sexy haha! I'm also training him to be gentleman at a young age and I love it when he opens my door and even helps me carry my stuff when we're out. Hope you never change Sabe! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

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