Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A 7th Birthday Pool Party

For my son Sabre's 7th birthday, we just decided to go to Hong Kong for a family vacation instead of having a big party. However, he said he still wanted to celebrate with his friends so we just threw him a small pool party right after we got back from our trip.

Since Sabre is into Nerf guns right now, I just decided to use water guns as the main element for his cake and giveaways.

Cake is from Baked Twinkles, who also did the art themed cake for my daughter's 7th birthday last year. I just told her it was a pool party and I wanted a water gun in there and she executed it amazingly! Super LOVE all the details!

For the giveaways, I wish I had the budget for Nerf guns but I just got these instead from SM. It was P399.75 for 2 guns, but I bought it during the 3-day sale so I got each gun for about P150 minus discounts. There are cheaper water guns out there, but of course I wanted good quality especially since there were gonna be a few kids lang naman. And the colors match perfectly with the gun on the cake too!

Anyway, here are more pictures from last weekend. I DIY'd the tags and other printables the day after we arrived from Hong Kong so I'm pretty happy with the outcome despite the short time frame. For the food, we just ordered Shakey's pizza and KFC for everyone.

I have to say though, the best part of the party was probably the giant unicorn floatie one of our friends brought (btw, she said she got it online from for just P800!) It was a big hit with the kids and even I wanted to jump in the pool to have a picture with it LOL!

So again, happy happy 7th birthday Sabre! Can't believe you're such a big boy already. But like I always say, you'll always be my baby forever. We love you so much!

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