Monday, January 15, 2018

First shopping haul for 2018!

Ahhh, SALE season. It's one of the things I love about the new year. If you go to the malls now, practically every store is having their End of Season sale. I couldn't help myself and went to Makati a few days ago and although I tried very hard to just "look", I ended up buying a few stuff.

I first went to Zara and although I tried a ton of clothes, I restrained myself and just bought a top and jeans.

I got this plaid button down shirt which is actually long enough to be a dress. What I love about it is the embroidery which extends even to the back. It's actually still pretty expensive in my opinion, but I tend to wear tops like this a lot (it usually becomes my "uniform" when running errands) so it's still sulit for me.

I also ended up buying these ripped jeans and what I love about it is the super frayed hems. And the material is stretchy and soft too.

I then went to Forever21 and they actually had a sign in the entrance which said "ALL SALE ITEMS BUY 1 TAKE 1" So I was super excited and got a ton of stuff but then when I went to the counter, they said the sale items are priced as is, and the Buy 1 Take 1 items had a special sticker on them. Huh?! E when I checked those special stickers, the items weren't on sale and were regular priced. I told them they should take down their sign since it was very misleading.

Anyway, I just got these 2 shirts which I didn't realize until after were plaid na naman! The first one is longer though, so can also double as a dress. I guess since it's the Autumn/Winter collection on sale, a lot of the clothes tend to be plaid and on the green /red side.

I then went to H&M and they had the "Buy 3 Get 1 Free" deal. Again I got a plaid top haha! At least may outfits na ako for next Christmas lol!

What I liked about this shirt was these beaded bugs near the collar. I'm a sucker for details talaga.

I saw this skirt a few months ago when it wasn't on sale and almost bought it since I'm obssessed with ruffled skirts. Good thing I waited! See, patience is a virtue ;p

I also got this super pretty pink wrap-around ruffled skirt.

Last thing I got was another skirt.

The skirt is long and full and the print is very pretty in person. Since the free item is the lowest priced, I ended up only paying P1,900 for all four. Not bad right?

Anyway, it was also sale in National Bookstore a few weeks ago. I always buy books when there's a sale since it's usually 20% off and it makes a big difference. I got all these (can you tell I love chick lit?) and I can't wait to finally find time to read them!

What about you, have you checked out any of the sales yet? I still want to go to Mango and Uniqlo, but tama na muna lol! I'll wait until there's further reductions na lang. ;p

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