Friday, November 17, 2017

Staycation at Azumi Boutique Hotel

Ahhh... so many days without school! Coming from a 2 week sem break, then a class suspension because of a storm (na walang ulan naman on that day!), then another week because of the ASEAN Summit. I've talked to so many parents already and everyone feels the same - we're all going crazy with the kids at home lol! And sayang ang tuition haha! ;p

Anyway, I'm sure I'm not the only mom who's getting stressed thinking of activities for the kids to do. And I wasn't planning on going out of town this week because we already went to Cebu for the sem break. So the next best thing? A staycation!

I booked super last minute so almost all the hotels here in the south were fully booked already. Good thing I found an available room in Azumi Hotel here in Alabang (via Agoda).

I've been wanting to try Azumi Hotel for quite some time now, ever since I saw their very pretty lobby on my Instagram feed a few years back.

Azumi is a hip concept hotel providing relaxing getaways south of Manila. Minimalist, stylish, and smartly designed—everything in Azumi makes sense.

With the only saltwater infinity lap pool in the metro, it is the best place to relax and unwind.

Our rooms have floor to ceiling glass windows that allow natural light to brighten our rooms, Daiken Healthy Ceiling which minimizes heat and moisture, and Ecocarat tiles that absorb humidity and foul odors to keep air clean and refreshing.

We provide comfort with less clutter, maximized space, and even environment friendly features that are both beautiful and functional. All these to make sure your stays are cozy, convenient, and practical.

Since it was a holiday, there were a lot of people checking-in. We arrived at around 3:30 which is past the check-in time, but it still took about 20 minutes for them to process everything. I asked what was the cause of delay, hindi pa daw ready ang room since people checked-out sabay sabay so hindi pa tapos housekeeping maglinis. Oh well, I personally think they need to be more efficient during the check-in process especially during holidays when they know madaming tao. I just asked for late check-out and at least they granted it until 1pm the next day.

The lobby is quite small, but they have Romulo's Cafe and also a nail spa.

Romulo's Cafe
Nail Spa

Oh and their elevator walls were covered in faux grass which makes for a nice photo background ;p They only had 2 elevators though, so sometimes ang tagal ng wait or puno siya.

Anyway, we finally got to our Garden Room (which was the only available room type when I booked). Total room size is 47 m² and comes with 1 Queen Sized Bed with Day Bed and a balcony. Everything is very basic and minimalist, but still comfy.

queen sized bed + day bed
large mirrors on the wall

The bathroom has a huge glass window (perfect for couples lol). Good thing there were blinds, but it's still kinda seen from the sides. It might be awkward if you have a yaya with you lol! And especially with kids, they can just easily lift the blinds and peek inside. So take note lang.

Bathroom was small but very clean. We loved the shower head which was the clear, filter type.

I also loved how despite the size of the room, it still had a kitchen sink, big refrigerator, and microwave! They really maximized every inch of space.

And their mini-bar prices are very affordable!

We were supposed to eat out but when we saw how affordable their rice bowls were, we just got room service. The lechon kawali was so good!

They have a shuttle to Molito, ATC, and Festival Mall but with limited times only. But ATC and Molito is actually a very short walking distance from the hotel. And right across is a number of fast food options like Jollibee and Chowking.

Hubby and I were supposed to have dinner in Molito, but we decided to just eat in Romulo's Cafe. We ordered the lechon kawali again (and beef steak) because it was so yummy haha! Their servings are huge, so we had a lot left over which we just had wrapped. Good thing the room had a microwave so we were even able to eat it the next day. ;p

We got up early to swim to avoid the crowds. Azumi Hotel boasts of having the only saltwater infinity lap pool in the metro. Limited lang ang chairs though so when we got there, almost all the seats were taken na. It would be nice to stay here siguro when it isn't a holiday para solo mo ang pool. ;p

Breakfast for 2 was included in Romulo's Cafe.

Options were pretty limited (and no bacon boo!). Food choices were sausages, corned beef, pancakes, scrambled egg and fish. To be honest, breakfast was disappointing considering we super enjoyed our dinner the night before. Parang ang bland ng taste. I would prefer it if we had room service na lang again and ordered one of their rice bowls.

Anyway, the kids had a great time. They especially loved the day bed which they claimed and made a fort out of the pillows. Glad we were finally able to have a staycation here.

Azumi Boutique Hotel
2205 Market Street, Madrigal Business Park, Phase II Alabang Muntinlupa City 1780
Tel. No. +632 869 9888 
Fax No. +632 894 2011

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