Thursday, November 23, 2017

Mothers Who Brunch x Uashmama

Last November 15, Sab and Michelle of Mothers Who Brunch (MWB) hosted a get-together just in time for the holidays. I've said it time and again, I really love going to these events because of the yummy food, gorgeous decor, great company, and lots of giveaways!

For this event, MWB teamed up with Uashmama, an Italian brand who makes washable paper products that include paper bags, placemats, pouches, hand bags, and backpacks.

The versatile Uashmama washable paper bag is a stylish storage solution and a unique design piece rolled into one. They look like leather, wash like fabric and even flatten for easy storage. Their resilience allows them to be used over and over again, in different ways and for various purposes. This sustainability is what makes them the ideal piece for homeware and catering.

the paper bags were used to style the Viking Range showroom
the bags come in a variety of sizes and colors, and fits anything from plants, snacks, toys, and more!
gorgeous styling as always by Boqueria Lifestyle Market
can my dining table look like this for Christmas?

To start things off, we had a fun little challenge where we were broken up into groups and asked to style different areas of the showroom. Our team was tasked to style the bathroom and at first we were worried because the other areas seemed much easier like the coffee table or reading nook. But we still had fun decorating and working with the Uashmama bags.

with my teammates Leona, Jackie, and Nina

The Uashmama paper bags are so versatile we were able to use them for different purposes. As towel holders, a make-up kit, a bin for tissue paper, and pots for plants.

And after the judging... OUR GROUP WON! Wheee! I think it was because we were able to effectively show the different ways one can use the product. We got Uashmama sling bags as prizes and I love it! :)

Team Banyo for the win!

Now the food! Michelle and Sab demonstrated easy and delicious recipes using Severin products. My favorite was probably the Spiralizer which can make veggies like carrots and zucchini into noodles. Unfortunately, I don't cook so going to these events always gets me so inspired to learn... and excited to eat lol! ;p

demo time
zucchini noodles = ZOODLES
the ladies in action

Look at that amazing Italian spread by Yogi Brunch. Trust me when I say everything was soooo good!

So again, thank you Mothers Who Brunch for having me. Now I can't wait for my own Christmas get-together! :)

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