Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Kuranda Scenic Railway (Australia)

After exploring Kuranda Village, we would then ride the the Kuranda Scenic Railway back to Cairns. This train ride is a spectacular journey comprising unsurpassed views of dense rainforest, steep ravines and picturesque waterfalls.

This 120 year old railway is considered an engineering feat of tremendous magnitude even today. The railway is now Heritage Listed and a National Engineering Landmark. I just remember being so amazed when I saw the station and the train. I felt like we were transported back in time!

The train was just so majestic! I kinda felt like this was the Hogwarts Express and I was on Platform 9¾... haha! ;p

The carriages are very rustic and have been restored to look like the original ones. Inside the standard carriages, the seating is made up of two booths that face each other. It just really felt like we were in a different era! During the trip, a detailed and informative commentary of the railway's construction is provided.

Rising from sea level to 328m, this famous railway takes approximately 1 hour 50 minutes to wind its way through 15 hand carved tunnels and 37 bridges.

It also stops at a lookout with a sweeping view of the spectacular Barron Falls.

lookout point

Barron Falls

A number of smaller waterfalls are passed, including Stoney Creek Falls, just metres from the train.

Stoney Creek Falls

My favorite part is when we would pass by the bridges and you could see the back of the train through the windows.

We told the kids that if they were able to hold their breath the whole time we were inside a tunnel, their wish would come true! This was a fun activity for them since we passed by 15 tunnels! haha ;p

Anyway, the whole train ride was just amazing! We passed through gorgeous scenery, the rainforest, and the wet tropics.

Our journey ended at Freshwater station where our tour bus picked us up and dropped us off back at the hotel.

This was definitely one of the highlights of our Cairns trip for me. The kids said it was a little too long for them and kinda boring at times (what??) but I loved every second of it. It made me feel like I was back in time and experiencing history firsthand. Truly magical :)

Kuranda Scenic Railway
Address: Arara Street, Kuranda, QLD 4881

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