Sunday, January 15, 2017

Vacuum Cleaning Service with Happy Helpers

As part of my new year's resolution to organize and declutter around the house, I've decided to get a cleaning service to vacuum our mattresses. This has actually been long overdue since we moved in our home 5 years ago! I realized I really needed to get this done since we've all been getting symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Like I couldn't get a good night's sleep since my throat and eyes were always so itchy, plus we're all sneezing and getting runny noses all the time.

I searched online and read all about dust mites and bed bugs (ewww!) which was probably the culprit for all our allergies. That was when I found HAPPY HELPERS through some recommendations from a mommy group. There were actually other companies I inquired with, but what made me ultimately decide on Happy Helpers (aside from their lower price compared to others) was that they're a social enterprise that employs women from Gawad Kalinga communities.

When I inquired, they recommended a "Deep Clean" for first time clients, which is a general cleaning of the home. I considered this, but we're actually getting some minor construction done on a room pretty soon, so I figured I'll just do this after.

For now, I just got the HYLA VACUUM PACKAGE (with or without foam shampoo), which is an intense cleaning of mattresses and other furniture.

Here were the items I had cleaned (with foam shampoo):
- 1 queen mattress - P1,000
- 2 single mattresses - P600 each = P1,200
- 2-seater couch (1) = P800
- 3-seater couch (1) = P1,000
- 1 carpet (200cmx200cm) - P100 per sqm = P400
- 12 pillows - P50 each = P600
Total: P5,000 - which I paid in CASH after the service

Other available services aside from the Deep Clean and Hyla are Post Construction Clean and Move-in/Move-­out Clean. They also provide the cleaning tools and materials and the transportation of cleaners to your home.

They sent 2 women over for my requirement, and the estimated cleaning time was a maximum of 5 hours. Our schedule was at 10am, but they arrived even earlier than that at past 9am.

their Hyla vacuum

This was after the first vacuum of our mattress. They did 2 rounds, then the foam shampoo, then they have you choose a fragrance at the end. I believe I chose Lavender which smelled really nice. Oh, and they also vacuumed my bed frame too which was great!

1st round
2nd round
foam shampoo
2 single mattresses in the kids' room

For the living room, I just had the 2 couches and rug vacuumed. But I saw that they also vacuumed my throw pillows. Big thumbs up!

I'm really satisfied with everything and I'm glad to report that my allergic symptoms have really improved after this. I'm definitely doing this regularly from now on.

So if you're thinking of hiring a cleaning service, definitely give Happy Helpers a try. Email response is very quick for inquiries. My only issue if any was that it said there is usually no break in a 5-hour schedule. I was wondering about this since our cleaning schedule would fall within lunch and I didn't want them naman to get hungry. They did ask if there was anywhere they could buy food, but we were inside a village so none nearby. I just had them eat lunch with our yayas. :)

Anyway, for inquiries you can contact them thru the ff:
Globe: 0927-1504576
Smart: 0918-4500024
Sun: 0923-3611015
FB & IG: /HappyHelpersManila

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