Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Race Car Party: Skyler's 3rd birthday

Skyler, our youngest, is now 3 years old! It was easy to think of his birthday theme since he absolutely loves cars for quite some time now.

This was probably the quickest party decors I've ever done since to be honest, I'm still recovering from the holidays. Plus, I'm so tired lately becauseI've also started organizing and decluttering around the house. But of course, I still wanted to make Skyler's birthday special even if we were just celebrating at home.

Oh, and I just love this bedsheet which fit perfectly with the theme! I didn't even realize we had it until this morning when I went in the kids' room. I saw it on their bed, instantly grabbed it and used it as a tablecloth. I mean, all the elements like the checkered flag and even the colors match! I still can't get over it lol ;p

So again, happy 3rd birthday to our bunso. You'll always be our baby! He was actually sleeping already but woke up while I was in the middle of posting this. And now he's handing me his firetruck hehe. So let me end this now and spend the last few hours of this little boy's birthday playing cars. :)

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