Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summer classes at LUNA Art Workshop

I'm sure most parents will agree that summer is usually more busy and hectic than when the kids are in school. We end up taking them to different camps or workshops, plus they're always begging to be entertained when they're at home! Aside from swimming, I made sure to enroll my 6 year old daughter in art classes since I can see that she's very creative. We're from the south so I found a couple in the Alabang area, but they were quite expensive. Good thing a fellow mom recommended this place, LUNA Art Workshop, which is located in Phase 1 of BF Homes.

It was P4,000 for 8 sessions, exclusive of materials. We were given a list which we easily bought in National Bookstore for about P1k (like brushes, sketch pad, watercolor pad, etc). Since my daughter was just a beginner, she was required to use poster paint first.

Each session was 2 hours long and it was a very relaxed atmosphere. For the younger ones like my daughter, they had a teacher with them at all times helping and guiding them. For the older kids who were already using oil pastels, the teacher would make them copy a picture or an actual subject (ex. wine bottle and apple). For those already using acrylic or oil paints, they would just paint by themselves and ask for help when needed. The teacher would usually go around table per table checking the progress of each work and giving comments. There were also adults taking classes, so maybe next time I could take lessons too. ;p

Well, needless to say my daughter LOVED it and she was so excited for every class. Here's the paintings she did over the course of the summer.

They had a culminating exhibit last week and they were asked to choose one artwork to show. My daughter chose this tree painting since she said it was her favorite. I actually liked the flower ones she did, but hey, she's the artist right? We're just so proud of her! :)

Check out some of the other pieces from the exhibit. So impressive right?

So if you're from the south and are looking for an art workshop for your child (or maybe even for yourself), LUNA offers year-round classes:

66 G.Puyat St., B.F. Homes, ParaƱaque (entrance is along Soriano St. behind BPI)

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