Saturday, June 11, 2016

LEGOLAND MALAYSIA RESORT (part 1): Getting there from Singapore

For our summer vacation last March, I figured it would be a great time to visit Legoland in Malaysia since the kids were old enough to appreciate it. I showed them photos of the hotel and the theme park and they were so giddy with excitement!

We flew to Singapore and spent a few days there first before going to Legoland. It's actually easier to go to Legoland from Singapore rather than Kuala Lumpur since Legoland is located in the southern most region of Malaysia in Johor Bahru. From Singapore, Legoland is just less than an hour away. But from Kuala Lumpur, it will take you about 4.5 hours!

For our bus tickets, I booked them online via this website: There are different departure times and pickup/dropoff points. I chose the one that leaves at 9:00am from Lavender MRT since it was closest to us. But if you want to get there earlier, there's one that leaves at 8:30am from the Singapore Flyer.

The meeting place in Lavender MRT was in front of McDonald's. There are also other restaurants around so you can eat breakfast while waiting. We got there at 8:30am since it was advised to be there at least 30 minutes in advance. At first we were getting a bit nervous since we didn't see any bus and there seemed to be no one else going to Legoland. We even tried looking for the bus company's booth around the MRT station but there was none. Good thing there are friendly Pinoys everywhere! We asked some ladies working at McDo and they told us not to worry, we were at the right spot, and to just wait.

After a while, we saw other people with luggages too. And then more Pinoys also going to Legoland lol! Finally when it was near 9:00am, a bus representative came asking for our names and to give us our stickers. Then, we had to walk to the back where the bus was parked.

Anyway, the bus was very spacious and comfortable. Since I bought tickets early, I was able to choose seats in the front row.

We were given a lot of reminders especially for the stopover at the Malaysian check point (customs and immigration). Basically to just stay with the group and to make sure to exit properly to find where the bus was. And if you encounter any problem which will be the cause of delay (like bringing in prohibited items for example), the bus will have to leave without you (yikes!). We went down 2 times. The first, just our passports without our luggages. Then after, we had to bring down all our stuff na. Both were very quick since there were no lines (maybe because it was a weekday).

The  best part about sitting in the front row - you're the first to get off, which means you're also the first to get back from the check points ;p

Anyway, we finally arrived in Legoland at around 11am. Legoland is open everyday from 10am until 6pm, but longer hours apply on weekends, during school and public holidays. So check their website beforehand for operating hours.

For our return trip 2 days later, I chose the same dropoff point at the Lavender MRT station which leaves at 5:30pm. Take note that there are later return trips though, if you want to maximize your stay at the park.

Anyway, you're advised to be at the meeting point 30 minutes beforehand. Since everyone was already in the bus by 5:00pm, the driver was able to leave ahead of schedule! And this time, we had a double-decker bus with reclining seats. We chose to stay in the lower level and we had the whole area to ourselves which was so comfortable! :)

However, the check point going back to Singapore took so long! There weren't that many people naman, but the line was just so slow moving. I don't know, maybe the immigration officers were being extra thorough. We were lined up for about an hour and the kids were getting so impatient already since they were tired and sleepy. But anyway, we were the first ones back in the bus again so we were able to have time to rest before getting back to Singapore. Then from Lavender MRT, we just took a cab back to our place.

So as you can see, going to Legoland from Singapore is actually very easy. The only unavoidable problems you can encounter are traffic and long lines at the border. That's why try going on a weekday as much as possible.

Anyway, next up - our stay at the LEGOLAND HOTEL!

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