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Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort

Hubby's family always takes a mini-vacation when his tita from the States comes home to visit. So last month, we went to Stilts Calatagan for a 2 night stay (from February 1-3). I did some research prior to our trip and I got excited seeing the photos of the cottages above the water, plus good reviews on TripAdvisor.

Well, I have nothing to say but good things about this resort. In a nutshell, the place was quiet and peaceful, the cottages were big and comfortable, food and service were good, and the beach was clean and calm. I guess it also was a plus that we were here on a weekday since we were practically the only ones at the resort. We felt like being in our own private island!

Anyway, the first thing I noticed when we entered the resort was how big the whole place was. According to their website, Stilts is set amidst 24 hectares of rolling hills, flower-filled gardens, and white sand beaches.

What I also loved were these sayings and quotes carved on wood scattered everywhere throughout the resort. So nice to read them all. :)

the names of the different cottages

They have eight cottages built on stilts over the water. We booked INSPIRATION, a large cottage, which can fit minimum of 7 and maximum of 20 pax. Cost per night was P17,080.00 night (off peak).

Each cottage has a master’s bedroom, guest room, loft and living area.

This is the loft area and there were so many extra mattresses which you can use in the different rooms. Honestly, I think we could have all fit in this cottage if we wanted to. ;p

the huge main bathroom
separate shower area and toilet, so more people can use the bathroom at different times
all cottages have verandas with hammocks
it also has wooden stairs that provide direct access to the water below

We also got a beachfront cottage, which I prefer more since it's right in front of the ocean. And the kids loved it since they could play in the sand the minute you step out of the door.

This large cottage is DELIGHT, and can fit a minimum of 7 and maximum of 15 pax. It's actually the same price as the INSPIRATION cottage. It has a master’s bedroom, guest room and a living area.

Extra persons cost P1,280.00 each with breakfast (the rates for extra persons applies to each person in excess of the minimum capacity of a cottage). Kids 6 years old and below free of charge.

There's just no TV in the cottages and also no wi-fi (except in the dining area but signal was also a bit weak). But it was actually quite nice since you can spend more time bonding with everyone.

pool area - a shallow one for kids and a deeper one for the adults
dining area
some of the food we ordered for lunch and dinner
happy hour

Anyway, like I said earlier, we had the whole beach to ourselves during our stay which was absolutely amazing. They offered water activities too like boating, kayaking or snorkeling, but we were just happy playing in the sand.

The sand was white and it had a lot of these little shells which the kids and I had a blast collecting.

sand texture
burying dad in the sand
there were also so many little starfish
and lolo even found this sea slug (gross!)

The beach wasn't good for swimming though since it was low tide most of the time we were there. But it was just perfect for us since the kids could wade in the water. And since we were the only ones on the beach, even my 2 year old was just exploring on his own in the shallow parts.

breathtaking view
gorgeous sunset

We honestly weren't even able to explore the whole place since we were just content staying in the beach and pool. But some of our family members went on hikes and they were able to see the organic garden and also some animals. We tried going there too but we got sidetracked when we saw another beach area.

so many pretty flowers
Serenity Beach

This place was so pretty and all I could think about was how nice it was to have a wedding here. Can you imagine the trees strung with lots of lanterns and lights? :)

The kids loved running around here and playing with the tire swings.

There were also a couple of treehouses, which we were surprised to find had an actual room inside you can stay in!

the area is so small though, there's space for only a bed
and there's even a bathroom!

Anyway, if you're going to stay at Stilts, the best experience would still be the floating cottages. So if you're looking for a place to go this summer, definitely give this one a try. :)

Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort
Mobile: 0917-5807653 / 0917-5237777 / 0917-5863343 / 0908-8662254 / 0925-8226654
Landline: (+632) 511-8120 / 511-1895 / 845-0676
Email: or

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  1. We've been here last weekend; indeed, the place is amazing!



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