Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Happy birthday to me!

As of yesterday, I am now officially 33 years old! My gosh, 2 years na lang, mid-30's na ako! When people ask me my age, I sometimes have to stop and think about it pa. Wait, I'm just 28 right? I wish, lol! Where did the time go??? haha!

What sucks is that the whole family is sick right now! As usual, we all got hawa from one another. So I basically spent the whole day yesterday just in bed resting. But I'm not complaining hehe! Hopefully, we all feel better soon since it's gonna be a busy week for me as well.

I posted this birthday card my daughter made in my IG. Isn't she the sweetest? She made so many drawings for me and she's getting so good writing and coloring. These things are what I really treasure. :)

We also had a family dinner during the weekend in Urban Farm and good thing we went out na when we were all feeling better pa. I have some get-togethers lined up with friends this week too, so again I can't wait to get well already!

Anyway, have so many blog posts lined up, hopefully I can publish them soon. :)


  1. Happy birthday and hope you all get well soon!

  2. Happy birthday dear Helene. Get well soon to all of you. Godspeed.

    The cards are cute.

    They make the heart melt.


  3. happy happy birthday sis~~

    no worries you never looked like in ur in the 30's na
    honestly :)

    i hope to meet you soon! :)



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