Sunday, July 5, 2015

Crafternoons: Napkin Decoupage with HEISL

I was invited by Patty and Michelle, the ladies behind Crafternoons, to a preview class to learn all about decoupage. For those not familiar, decoupage is the art of decorating an object by gluing paper cutouts onto it.

What made this extra special was that we weren't using just any ordinary paper. Our teacher Ingrid, who is the owner of HEISL, uses paper napkins imported from Europe in all her handcrafted creations!

Ingrid at work

There are so many items you can decoupage including wallets, trays, coasters, tissue box holders, notebooks, and so on! For our class that day, we made passport holders.

This is the crafting kit from Heisl. It includes the special decoupage glue, varnish, and a brush.

The hard part was probably choosing which paper napkin to use. As you can see, there were so many gorgeous designs. What's special about these European napkins is that they're very durable especially when gluing. Ingrid shared that she has tried other local paper napkins (like those which can be found in Landmark) and they rip easily.

Now the fun part! I admit it was intimidating at first since this was our first time doing this. But what's nice about decoupage is that it's a very forgiving craft. Even if you make a mistake or rip something, it won't really be that noticeable in the final product. And the all the gluing and brushing of the varnish was so therapeutic and addicting haha! I could do it all day! ;p

Check out what I made! Not bad for a first-timer right? And everyone else's work was equally as nice. I couldn't stop touching and looking at it after. I just couldn't believe I made this out of a paper napkin! :)

inside part
outside/cover part
Michelle, Ingrid, Pam, Patty, & me showing off our creations

If you're interested and would want to take this class too, the next workshop is scheduled sometime in AUGUST in Alabang. This is really a fun activity which I'm sure anyone interested in arts & crafts or DIY will enjoy. You can leave a comment below or email me if you'd like to join so I can forward more details or add you to the Crafternoons FB group (where you can also join other future workshops). So come on and join, it'll be fun I promise! :)

You can also check out HEISL's page to see more of her products if you'd like to order or upcoming bazaar dates.

HEISL Paper Napkin Creations
Instagram: @heislnut


  1. Ang ganda!


    1. Super diba? Le me know if you're interested to join the next class :)

  2. Hi there! Do you sell po decoupage paper napkins?

    1. Not me, but please inquire with maybe she has :)

  3. Hi! I'm interested in the future to do some workshop/classes for arts & crafts & diy. Kindly inform me when u gonna have ur next class. Thanks




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