Friday, June 26, 2015

Mommy & Me outfits

When I was a kid, my mom would dress us up in matching outfits. And when I had my daughter, I knew I would do the same (check out our matching dresses back in 2012 here).

I know being able to dress all matchy matchy with our kids is something we can't do forever. That's why I'm taking every opportunity now while they're still cooperative and it still looks cute hehe!

There are actually a lot of places you can buy matching outfits. I chanced upon this bazaar in Festival Mall last month that was selling these smocked dresses. Upon closer inspection, I noticed some had the same prints in the kiddie and adult sizes. And the best part, it cost only P50 for the smaller size and P100 for the adult version! What a steal! Of course, I just had to choose the nice prints (some had cartoon characters all over them) so it would look good on both of us.

Mango now also has a Mini Me collection not just for moms and daughters, but also for dads and sons. I went shopping a few days ago since they're on sale, and found this cute pair of aztec shorts in Mango Kids. As I was looking at the sizes, I noticed the Large kinda looked big enough for me, especially since the waist was garterized. And lo and behold, it did fit haha! And for just P595 for each pair of shorts!

So just a tip, if you're on the petite side, the larger sizes in kids stores could definitely fit you. And if you have boys, who says you can't dress the same too? Like these shorts I got in Gingersnaps so I could match with Skyler. This cargo pair was a size 14 for boys and I just love the flamingo print. So cute!

Twilo is also a favorite for many moms for matching dresses. They have so many cute and sophisticated designs, perfect for any occasion.

Verb Manila also has great selections, including kimonos and boho sets. And I like how they can make matching outfits for the boys as well so everyone can look coordinated. Wouldn't this look great for a family photoshoot or a party? :)

You can also check out Kiara Shoppe and Au Pair Addizione for outfits not just for you and your daughter, but for the whole family as well.

I also love shopping at ZALORA, and they have a great selection of clothing for kids. For sure you can find something cute that you and your little ones will look great in!

Hope this helps you when shopping for you and your kids. If you have other suggestions where to get Mommy and Me outfits, just leave a comment below. :)

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