Saturday, September 6, 2014

Qiwellness Living Tagaytay: the Bath House

I was very fortunate to be invited last August 30 to Qiwellness Living, a new dining and spa destination in Tagaytay. They had just opened recently so I was really excited to check the place out with hubby, who was my date for the evening.

We were greeted by these huge red doors which only hinted as to what lay behind them...

Once we entered, we were welcomed by the sound of a gong, which they do to announce their guests' arrival. We were a bit surprised by this since the sound was quite loud, but it was pretty cool hehe. ;p

Inspired by centuries-old architecture, cuisine, and healing practices of China, and combined with modern design, culinary techniques, and advances in wellness, Qiwellness Living reflects the sublime synergy of the old and the new, and presents a distinctive ambient, dining, and spa experience. I have to say, every inch of the place looks gorgeous and was begging for a photo-op! 

remember my dress? finally got to wear it hehe ;p

I loved all the furniture, but my absolute favorite has got to be these Ming Dynasty 2 meter high chairs. Don't we look so regal sitting on them? Parang King and Queen ang peg lol! ;p

The place is divided into 2 areas: the Bath House, which is their spa, & the Tea House, which is the restaurant. I'll dedicate this post to the Bath House first, so I can focus on showing you their facilities for massages and treatments.

The Chinese Bath House

Bath houses have been part of Chinese culture for hundreds of years. The Chinese congregate in a common place that is the bath house, similar to other bathing cultures. The bathhouse at Qiwellness Living offers one a sanctuary of relaxation, rejuvenation and renewal. They bring effective traditional and holistic healing practices in a modern setting thru massages and hydrotherapy.

This is their yin yang pool, which provides cold and hot plunges offering a multitude of health benefits while giving a greater sense of overall well-being. I can't wait to be back and just take a dip with that amazing view of the Taal lake. Pure perfection right? :)

This is the opium den where their dry signature massage and reflexology treatments are done.

This is their private room with an ensuite rainshower for their other spa services.

So nice right? If you're into massages and spas, then this place is a must for you to visit. You can check out their website for a list of their services and packages. I definitely can't wait to be back with hubby to avail our 90-minute signature massage! :)

Read about their TEA HOUSE HERE.


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