Monday, April 15, 2019

Getting my PSA (NSO) Certificates in just an hour!

HELLO AGAIN!!! Gosh, I haven't posted anything here in my blog for the longest time! It's just that I've been so busy with life lately like with the kids (final exams and other school stuff), my brother-in-law getting married (lots of family activities), travel plans for this summer (getting visas and planning itineraries), and lots of other personal things to say the least. Sad to say, blogging has really been the last thing on my mind. But it sucks because I have so much I want to share, but I've kinda decided for the meantime to really focus on other things. Hopefully, I can find the time to still blog regularly someday...

Anyway, I wanted to share with you how I was able to get rush PSA (NSO) documents which I needed to apply for a Japanese visa. If you're not aware, you need to submit PSA docs (like birth/marriage certificates) issued within a year.

I went to SM first, because that's where I usually get these documents. However, I was surprised when they told me that it would take 3 weeks for it to be released kasi daw may Holy Week. I decided to just order online ( and it was super quick and easy. But delivery is usually within 2-7 working days upon receipt of your payment. I counted the days and considering I had to apply for the visa as well (which would take another week give or take), it was cutting it pretty close.

The thing was, this trip was super last minute and considering there were a number of holidays this April (April 9 was Araw ng Kagitingan, plus April 18 & 19 which was Maundy Thursday and Good Friday) I didn't want to risk waiting for the online delivery.

I did some research and found out that you can get PSA documents directly from their outlets in Metro Manila - in Pasay, Makati, Muntinlupa, and Pasig.

We're from the south so we went to the one in Muntinlupa located at the 4th floor of Ayala Malls South Park Alabang. We've only been to this mall once before when we attended a party at Kidzoona. What's nice is there's not much people, pero parang malungkot un mall since a lot of spaces are still unoccuppied until now hehe.

We went on a Friday and arrived just before 12 noon. I wanted to go earlier, like 7am, but hubby was confident that there wouldn't be that much people haha.

 I first filled out the necessary forms and then had to pay P75 for each document at this area (LCR).

I thought this was part of the fee na, but it was separate from the P155 document cost pa pala. So parang service fee ba un P75? So total I paid for each document was actually P230.

Anyway, there was a line for the actual payment of the PSA forms, but it was quick moving and you're seated in an airconditioned area. So no complaints. After paying, I was told to come back in an hour for releasing.

So we had lunch first then I went back at 1pm to ask if the documents had been released. And they were already there! Yahoo!

This was such a lifesaver and I'm so happy they have this service. The location is so convenient as well, since it's at a mall so you can eat and go around while waiting.

Update: The PSA documents I ordered online on a Thursday were delivered the next Wednesday. It was quick, but if you need them ASAP like I did, at least you know you can get them in a day. :)

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