Thursday, September 13, 2018

A day at the Australia Zoo

I grew up watching Steve Irwin and all his Crocodile Hunter adventures on TV. I remember when he died in that tragic accident, I couldn't believe it and was so heartbroken. Anyway, it's always been a dream of mine to visit the Australia Zoo which is owned by the Irwin family. We weren't able to visit the first time we went to Brisbane, but luckily we were able to come back a year later and this time I made sure not to miss it!

Australia Zoo is quite far from Brisbane City, which was about an hour away. We decided to just take an Uber and it was very expensive - each way was about a whopping $100 (AUD)! You could take the train or bus which would be cheaper, but it would take almost 3 hours just to get there. There's also packaged tours (for example on Viator) which includes a ride on an express coach plus the entrance fees already, but it was more expensive when I computed for us. Plus we didn't want to be pressured by departure and pick-up times.

we bought our tickets ($172 for a Family of 4) when we got there and paid via credit card
you see this statue of the Irwin fam right when you enter the zoo

We got to the zoo at around 9:30am. There weren't that much people yet so we were very comfortable exploring and checking out the different attractions without any crowds.

free photo-op with some animals
WOW, that's a huge croc!
I loved this area which showed the Crocodile Hunter Story - from photos to memorabilia collected through the years.
It was fun introducing Steve Irwin and his family to the kids and showing them all their adventures.
Loved seeing all their beautiful photos around the zoo! Bindi was so cute, I can't believe she's now all grown up.
Probably my fave pic of the day haha!

Of course, I was most excited about the crocodile show which you shouldn't miss! I read that Bindi and Robert sometimes make appearances especially if they're on school break, but too bad we didn't catch any of the Irwin family when we were there. But seeing the crocodiles was amazing in itself!

We already had a photo taken holding a koala when we visited the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary so we didn't do this anymore here. But there are also lots of other animal encounters you can choose from.

more koalas
giant tortoise
more crocodiles

I loved the AFRICA section the most since we got to see animals like meerkats and rhinos. The giraffes were also so beautiful!

In Bindi's Treehouse, we got to see lemurs which were just roaming freely around! I was so scared walking past them since they might jump at me haha!

View from the top of the treehouse - just look how sprawling the zoo is!
South East Asia section where we got to see tigers
red panda
Australian snakes
Our favorite animal of the day, the wombat and baby! Look how cute he is being transported on the Wombat Wagon!
the kids didn't even have time to go on the playgrounds since we had so much to see!

The zoo was HUGE but I believe we were able to see everything and by 4PM, we were ready to call it a day. So glad to see so many amazing animals and Steve Irwin's legacy live on. A definite check on my bucket list! ;p

1638 Steve Irwin Way 
Beerwah, Qld, 4519 
+ 61 (7) 5436 2000
Open Daily 9.00am - 5.00pm
Closed Christmas Day

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