Friday, March 30, 2018

Toronto Trip: An afternoon at Centre Island

Centre Island is just a few minutes away from downtown Toronto by ferry. It is home to family-friendly attractions, loads of green space, bicycle paths, eateries and more. After being in Toronto for more than a week, it was definitely a great escape from all the hustle and bustle of the city.

Centre Island is also known as Toronto Island. It is actually comprised of many islands that are home to more than 250 residences and the Toronto Island Airport.

The only way to get to Centre Island is by ferry. The Toronto Ferry Docks are located at the foot of Bay Street and Queen Quay. The year-round ferry leaves every 15 minutes in the summer, less frequently in colder months.

Round trip tickets cost $7.71 for adults, $5.05 for students and seniors, $3.72 under 14, free under 2.

The ferry ride is about 10-15 minutes and you get a fantastic view of the city skyline and waterfront.

Centre Island attractions are open from May to October. It is home to Centreville Amusement Park, it's most popular attraction, which is open daily from the beginning of June to the beginning of September and all weekends in May and September. We visited in early October though, so sadly it was closed.

But we still had a lovely time walking around the place. The abundant green space filled with lush trees is perfect for a picnic.

We walked all the way to a pier that extends into Lake Ontario. There was also a beach but it was too cold to swim during that time.

can you spot the CN Tower in the background?
the crew
we walked back to the ferry when the sun started going down
love the way the sun cast these shadows
goofing around
nice seeing Toronto from a different perspective
bye Centre Island, til next time

Going back, we were able to catch the sunset which was amazing! I would have loved to go here when the attractions like the amusement park were open. But honestly, just riding the ferry and seeing the city skyline from the water was already a great experience.

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