Sunday, December 10, 2017

Ice Skating at SM City BF

I remember ice skating when I was a kid all the way in SM Megamall. I probably only got to do it 5 times in my whole life, and I even remember an incident when my older cousin fell and had to get stiches on her eyebrow! So yeah, that was probably the last time I ever went skating.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to see a pop-up skating rink at SM City BF a few weeks ago. The rink is small, only 100sqm, and is located at the Main Atrium where Uniqlo is.

The kids had never been ice skating and they were really excited to try it out. Take note, you are required to wear pants and socks. Here's a list of their rules:

There's also a height requirement but the skating rink is not just for kids, adults are also welcome. So their dad also joined so he could assist them.

Here's the ticket prices. We just got 30 minutes at first since we weren't sure if they were gonna like it or not.

These were the skates. It's different from what I remember using before which were the ones with laces and looked like figure skates. These look more like hockey ones. Hubby said these were a lot harder using than what he remembered as well!

What's funny is that at first, we didn't get those skate guides (P50 for 15 minutes) which were the big bear figures you hold on to. But once the kids stepped inside the rink, we had to get them since they couldn't balance at all haha ;p And I really think they're such a big help for first-timers and beginners. Why didn't we have these back in the day?!

According to my daughter, this type of skate guide was much easier to use compared to the bears. But there seems to be only 2 pieces of this type of skate guide so make sure to grab them if they're available.

Good thing we only got 30 minutes, they were all so tired after a while haha! They were all sweating so much since it wasn't that cold also. So bring extra clothes just in case.

It was a super fun experience for them! My daughter especially wanted to come back and do 1-hour naman daw next time! But hubby said ako na sasama haha! ;p

There's also a Frozen Christmas display beside the rink. Skyler and I just took pics here while waiting for them since he's too small pa to skate.

Anyway, I think that this rink is the perfect size for kids to try skating. And it's great that you can get to watch them really close since the rink is open and doesn't have a glass around it. And their staff were really nice, helping the kids skate especially those that couldn't balance that well.

This pop-up skating rink will be operational until January 28, 2018. So for those in the south, go ahead and give it a try!

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