Monday, December 7, 2015

Back from vacation!

The last few weeks have been so fun since we've been exploring and eating and enjoying... haaaay can we just be on vacation forever? ;p The whole family went to Boracay and it was the kids’ first time there. They super loved it especially the “sugary sand” and clear waters. We stayed for 4 days but it didn’t seem enough! The island life can definitely get addicting.

Right after we got back, hubby and I just had a day to rest then we were off to Japan! We’ve been planning this trip for so long and I’m so glad it finally pushed through. The change in weather was so extreme though, from being in sunny Boracay to the autumn cold! I’m super lamigin pa naman so even though I was wearing thermals and layers, parang kulang pa din! We just stayed in Tokyo for a whole week and there’s still so much left to see and do! We fell in love with Japan and we can’t wait to be back to explore Osaka and Kyoto.

But traveling is also super tiring and I'm still recovering from all the walking and lack of sleep. I haven’t even had time to blog for the past couple of days since right after we got back, we had other events to attend like my daughter’s dance competition!

I’m so proud of her for being one of the students chosen to represent her preschool. They danced to the song “We Could Be Heroes” and they were amazing! I’m still in awe of their performance (mana talaga sa mommy lol). Although they didn’t place, we’re all still so proud of them for doing their best and dancing their butts off!

We also attended the wedding of my good friend in Tagaytay just this Saturday. It was such a blast because it was like a reunion of the advertising agency I used to work for. Some of these people I hadn’t seen since I resigned years ago! And it was also super cold and foggy in Tagaytay already, buti na lang sanay pa ako sa Japan weather haha! ;p

Well, it’s back to regular programming now. But still so much to do like get started on wrapping Christmas presents! Plus I’m getting so confused with the schedules of all the December events and parties already lol. And I still have a ton of posts to write on our travels. Wish me luck!

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