Monday, October 19, 2015

Housewives in Hong Kong

I just came back a few days ago from a trip to Hong Kong with my good friends. We're all housewives, so we have to thank our husbands for allowing us to take this mini vacation while they take care of the kids. ;p

We were all so giddy at the airport pa lang because we couldn't believe this trip had finally pushed through. And we love traveling with our families, but of course it's different when you're with your kids - feeding them, entertaining them, taking them to the bathroom, making sure you have everybody's travel documents, etc. Typical mom stuff! Or the fact that we didn't have strollers or huge baby bags with us. We all felt so liberated haha!

What was funny is that we didn't have any planned itinerary for this trip. But it was also nice because there was no pressure on us. Anything goes! Like when we took the Star Ferry from Central to Tsim Tsa Tsui. Fare was just $2.50 each and you get to enjoy a lovely view of the city from the boat.

Funny moment - we ate at McDonald's one time and my friend ordered 2 pieces BBQ McWings for $11.50 (about P70). We couldn't stop laughing when she got her order because the chicken pieces were so SMALL (it looked big in the picture kasi)! Wala pang rice yan unlike here. So warning if you're gonna eat in McDo Hong Kong, just get a burger or the nuggets instead! hahaha! ;p

We also had a lot of misadventures traveling in the city. We probably took every mode of transportation - the ferry, bus, train, and taxi! Admittedly, we're all not very good at directions and let our husbands take charge when we travel with them. So now that it's just us, we were a bit clueless at first haha! There was even one time we just decided to use Uber since we were hopelessly lost hehe! ;p

these magnets are HILARIOUS!

And in typical fashion, we had to do last minute shopping! We had already checked-in our luggage and decided to go to the Disney store at the airport while waiting to board our flight. I wasn't planning on buying anything but they had an amazing promo on some items for 50-70% off!

Cute Tsum Tsum characters! Not on sale though ;p

We ended up buying so much stuff since it was really sulit! Like this Star Wars backpack (which lights up) was originally HK$228 and the Princess backpack was HK$215. Less 70% it became about P410 and P390 respectively. Mas mura pa sa SM!

This Olaf stuff toy / backpack became about P300 after discount.

And my best buy was probably this Snow White costume which was marked down to HK$99 (about P600). Perfect for Halloween and again cheaper pa than SM! Can you believe the original price was almost HK$600?! What a steal!

What a super fun, refreshing, bonding trip! Like we always say, happy wife = happy life right? haha! Thank you again to our dear husbands for holding down the fort while we were gone. We super missed you and we're so glad to be back! :)


  1. i feel jealous about your trip.. i can see that you're all really happy...

    loved looking at the photos too!



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