Monday, January 12, 2015

Our new fishies from Cartimar

Hubby had to get his bike fixed in Cartimar one day, so he decided to bring the kids since he wanted to show them the animals there too. Little did I know he had a secret agenda to buy an aquarium, which he has been bugging me about forever. He's always been fond of fish and in fact when he was a kid, he told me that his room with his younger brother was filled with about 10 aquariums!

He's been wanting to get one of those expensive aquariums from Hobbes and Landes, but I told him maybe when the kids were older or something. So he just convinced us to tag along here in Cartimar to see what other options they had.

There were lots of other animals there too like dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs...

Hubby was right to bring the kids along. They were so amazed with all the colorful fish and they were so excited to buy new pets and take them home. It was like taking them to the zoo hehe! ;p

Warning though, the smell in Cartimar can be quite overpowering. Plus there are big containers filled with worms which they feed the fish! It was a bit gross haha!

scared to enter the store coz there were worms in front!

Poor Miley completely HATED the smell haha! After a while, she was begging to go home! Not for the weak stomach. ;p

Anyway, we ended up buying a small aquarium with a water filter... If I remember correctly, everything was less than P500.

And 3 goldfish (which cost P10 each!)

We even got a small house for our new pets! :)

And here's our new aquarium all set up! And for the names of the fish? Meet Goldie, Pat-Pat and Pot-Pot! The kids love feeding them and watching them swim around. :)

I'm definitely up for getting a nicer aquarium in the future, But for now, this will do! :)

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