Saturday, April 19, 2014

Do you believe in the Chinese pregnancy calendar?

After months of speculation, my cousin finally found out she is having her 3rd daughter. Of course everyone in the family is happy for this blessing, but she and her hubby admittedly are a little bit disappointed that it isn't a boy. Well, she swears this will be their last, but I think she'll still get her son somewhere down the road. :)

Anyway, while everyone was eagerly awaiting the day of her ultrasound back then, I had boldly predicted that it would be a girl as soon as I found out about her pregnancy. How was I so sure? By using the Chinese pregnancy calendar!

Now I don't know if this gender chart is real or accurate or whatever. All I know is that it has proven true in all 3 of my pregnancies.

I turned 27 years old in 2009 and Miley was conceived in May. Chart check = GIRL.
The next year, Sabre was conceived in August. Chart check = BOY.
Skyler was conceived in April last year and again the chart correctly predicted it = BOY (if only we had waited a month, baka girl! hehe!)

For my cousin, she was 34 years old last year and the baby was conceived in November. And according to the chart, she was definitely having another GIRL.

Now there's definitely no scientific proof that this thing even works. But if you're like me who's a little bit superstitious, then giving this chart a try might be worth a shot if you want a particular gender. If it works, good for you! If it doesn't, well they say the fun is in trying hehe! ;p

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