Wednesday, September 28, 2016

DIY Balayage Highlights

The last time I had my hair colored was almost 2 years ago. So it's basically all grown out now except for a little left at the ends.

Well, I was feeling adventurous one day and decided I wanted to color my hair again. I mean, I was getting a bit bored with my look and wanted a change! But instead of going to a salon, I figured why not do it at home? I wanted highlights and I knew it would probably cost me a lot of money. So I actually went on YouTube and searched for tutorials on how to achieve the balayage look I wanted. It seemed like something I could actually do and I figured if it turns out bad, I'll just have it fixed professionally. ;p

So off I went to the mall and decided to get this L'Oréal hair dye (6.13 Golden Nude Brown) based on the "AFTER" shade from dark hair. Plus it was also on sale for just P299 lol!

It came with a Protective Pre-Color Serum which you rub all over your dry hair and leave in while you color. Then I just followed the instructions to pour the Creme Colorant into the Creme Developer bottle. Shake well and you're good to go!

What I liked about the formula is that it's clear so you don't get those nasty stains on your hands or around your face when appyling it on your hair.

Again, I went on YouTube and searched for tutorials on how to do this. There are actually a lot of ways and techniques to achieve this look, but personally, I followed this video. Since I wanted HIGHLIGHTS and a BALAYAGE effect, I didn't apply the mixture all over my hair. Instead, you just get small sections of hair that you want to lighten. You should also put more dye on the tips of your hair so the ends will be lighter, and then just rub upwards. Just check out the tutorial I followed to see the technique.

The instructions said the let the dye develop for about 20-30 minutes. But I probably let it sit for longer than that from the time I started. Maybe 45 minutes total? Well, here's what it looked like after!

Well, this was my first time doing this so it definitely wasn't perfect. I initially was just supposed to lighten like midway down my hair but I ended up putting dye even higher up near the roots. I don't know, I guess I was thinking it might not be noticeable or something lol! But anyway, I was happy with how it looked since I was able to lighten my hair while giving it subtle highlights. Basically I didn't want it to be one even color all throughout, so I think I achived that.

Well... I still wasn't satisfied even though it looked ok already. I just wanted something more. So I bought this highlight kit which was only P79! I honestly didn't even know if this was gonna work since it was so cheap haha!

What's funny is that I thought it came with a special shower cap to hightlight the hair. You know, the one with holes in it that they use in salons? Well, it was just a regular shower cap haha! And then you have to make the holes yourself manually. What?? Haha I mean with the price tag I shouldn't have been surprised. ;p

Anyway, I just followed the instructions and was surprised to find a blue mixture after! I was a bit nervous but no backing out now...

This time I used a wide toothed comb to apply the dye.

Then I just run it through my hair lightly and again rubbing a little bit more to the tips of my hair.

After, I was REALLY happy with the results! All for less than P500!!! If you can see from the pic, the ends of my hair really lightened.

Here's a closer look at the strands. I really like the uneven shade.

So what do you think? Just a disclaimer, I'm not a hair expert or anything and I just did this as a sort of experiment on my hair. The end result of the dye will definitely vary on different types of hair (especially those with existing color already). So if you're thinking of trying this, do at your own risk (like me), and definitely check out tutorials on YouTube for some guidance. :)

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