Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tokyo Travel Diaries: Shibuya (plus our best meal in Tokyo)

We decided to explore Shibuya on our last night in Tokyo. Shibuya is one of Tokyo's most colorful and busy districts, packed with lots of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Of course, I was really excited to finally see the famous Shibuya Crossing in person!

It was really a sight seeing all these people cross the intersection at the same time. And this being Japan, it was still so organized!


Of course, I had to take a pic while crossing, much to the annoyance of hubby! Haaay how do fashion bloggers have such amazing shots here???

It rained shortly after and good thing we brought with us an umbrella from our Airbnb. That's why always check the weather forecast for the day when traveling!

They say the best view of Shibuya Crossing is from the second-story window of Starbucks Coffee in the Tsutaya building (which is behind me in this pic). Sadly, we weren't able to check it out anymore, since there were so many people that time.

We also had to say hi to Hachiko, the famous statue of a loyal dog and one of Tokyo's most popular meeting points. According to the story, the dog waited for his master every day in front of Shibuya Station, and continued to do so for years even after his master had passed away. Since we were there during the Christmas season, Hachiko was even wearing a Santa hat! :)

I also had to check out Shibuya 109, which is a famous fashion complex with more than one hundred boutiques on TEN floors. I went around but didn't buy anything, coz for me it was kinda pricey. But my gosh, all the women shopping there were so gorgeous and dressed so fashionably! As in, nakaka-insecure lol! ;p

Anyway, we were looking for somewhere to eat and since this was our last night, we wanted to splurge a little and have steak. We chanced upon Han No Daidokoro just a short walk from the Shibuya crossing.

What caught our eye were these signs outside the restaurant which says they have a high rating on TripAdvisor.

The servers were extremely nice and spoke English, so this is a very tourist friendly place. Plus there is an English menu as well.

we also got Kimchi as a side dish

I don't recall what exact type of meat we ordered since it was hubby who chose, but we definitely got Kobe beef. And oh my gosh, it was really amazing! The beef really melts in your mouth and you don't even need to chew since it was that tender.

Definitely a fitting end to our Japan trip! We've never had a bad meal in Tokyo since everything was so good, but this was definitely a highlight. Of course, it was a bit expensive but worth every penny in my opinion!

You really have to try this place if you love meat. A must if you're looking for quality beef, a great atmosphere and good service!

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  1. Haay... Japan is just beautiful, dream destination talaga, parang the streets are always so alive.

  2. Hi, I’ve been an avid silent reader for years. But this restaurant has no value for money. All the meat served was very thin unlike the other same kind of restaurant that we tired when we were in Japan... Just so that other readers will know...But I will still be an avid reader inspite of this :)

    1. Aw that's too bad... but we were very happy and satisfied with our meal though :) Anyway, thanks for reading and hope you keep supporting my blog :)



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