Sunday, September 4, 2016

Hanamaruken Ramen in ATC

My son was craving for ramen one time we were at Alabang Town Center. Upon looking at the list of restaurants, we found one tucked away in the 2nd floor of the new wing. It was kinda surprising to find this place here since most of the stores on this level are for clothes, shoes, and sports stuff. And then suddenly, there's this ramen place in the middle of it all!

I wasn't familiar with the restaurant but apparently, they are originally from Osaka and also have branches in Trinoma and Rockwell.

We were there early for lunch so the place was still empty, which allowed me to appreciate all the cute decor and details. I loved the wooden artworks on the wall, plus all the modern light fixtures.

that string artwork on the right is in the shape of a pig
hot tea
Gyoza P180

We had to order their specialty, the Signature Happiness Ramen (P480). This is their founder Takaku Arakawa's ramen masterpiece: a shoyu tonkatsu broth ramen topped with tender, slow-braised custom cut soft bone pork rib.

We also got the Arakawa Abura Soba (P290). Made in partnership with Wrong Ramen, it has pan fried ramen noodles in reduced tonkatsu, slow-cooked spareribs, onsen egg, R.Lapid's chicharon, nori strips, negi.

Lastly, we got the Pot Belly Rice Bowl (P280), which is Kakuni with onions on rice.

Everything tasted so good! The meat was super tender and practically melts in your mouth. I loved the noodles which are al dente, so the texture was chewy which I really liked. The ramen broth was yummy and flavorful. We enjoyed every bite, especially my son! Bottomline, I'm happy I discovered this restaurant which is now one of our faves. They really serve bowls of happiness and guarantee that you'll leave with a happy tummy. :)

Hanamaruken Ramen
2L New Wing, Alabang Town Center
2/F Trinoma Mall, QC
The Grove by Rockwell
Instagram & Twitter: @hanamaruken_ph


  1. Mouthwatering food pictures, Mommy Helene! If you or your family like curry, you might also want to try their curry ramen next time. I have a fave ramen place in nearby Molito, but when I crave for curry ramen, I get my fix here in Hanamaruken.:)

    1. Oooh thanks for the tip! Will try to check out that ramen place in Molito as well ;p



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