Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Specialty coffee at Bowen 24 Cafe

Did you know that coffee is the 3rd most consumed beverage in the world, after water and tea? That's why it's no surprise to see coffee shops left and right and in practically every corner. Well, here in the south, Bowen 24 Cafe recently opened last September 29, 2016 and they're here to serve specialty coffee that will make you rethink how coffee should really taste like!

But before we get into that, let's talk about Bowen's gorgeous interiors! Actually, this place used to be Paume's Pastryhouse with a Parisian inspired theme. But now, I have to say that it really looks so much better! I love the black and white color scheme which makes it look so classy (and Instagram worthy!).

And the details! I love the pendant lights, that gray ombre honeycomb wall (which I am so thinking about doing at home) and also the letters on the tables that spell BOWEN 24.

And if you're a mom like me, any place with a kid's corner is heaven-sent! I mean look at this super cute area! Even I would like to go inside that tent and read a book.

Btw, just a little trivia, the name Bowen 24 came from the location of owner Roxie's apartment in Brisbane, Australia (seen in the framed photo below).

Anyway, Roxie obviously loves coffee and back here in Manila would frequent Toby's Estate practically everyday. Which is why when she and her partners decided to open Bowen 24, they turned to Toby's Estate to provide their coffee, specially roasted just for them.

Bowen 24 held a "coffee appreciation day" last September 24 and they invited Andy (that's him in the black and white shirt), an award winning barista from Toby's Estate.

We started with a fun little exercise, where Andy made 7 cups of coffee brewed dfferently. We then had to taste it and see if we could tell which ones were underextracted, overextracted, or just right.

My hubby was able to get it correct (cup #4) since he's the serious coffee drinker between us. What I learned is that contrary to popular belief, coffee is NOT supposed to be bitter. The taste depends on how you process and prepare it, much like wine. And in Bowen 24, they highlight the chocolate and nut flavors instead.

Next, we did pairing and had dark chocolate with long black coffee, which highlighted the flavors more.

For the cappuccinos, we had it with some cashews to highlight the nuttiness of the coffee. And don't you just love some good latte art?

My favorite was probably the iced coffee, which was sweet enough without having any sugar added! Really refreshing.

Bowen 24 also serves food, like these homemade cakes.

I really learned a lot about coffee that day and definitely learned to appreciate it more. Hubby and I were joking that we're more discerning about coffee now (bawal na ang instant lol!). So if you're looking for a great neighborhood cafe where you can sit and relax for hours while enjoying an excellent cup of coffee, look no further than Bowen 24. :)

#29 Presidents Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque (across  Puregold and McDonald's)
from 7am to 9pm
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bowen24cafe
Instagram: @bowen24cafe


  1. Thanks for sharing, Mommy Helene! Cute ng kids corner! Is there wifi? Will check it out with the hubby, baka this is another for our list of "workmode" coffee date places, hehe. :)

    1. Yes there's wifi! You should definitely check it out, sarap tumambay :)



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