Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Vancouver Vacation: Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

I'm super scared of heights, but I definitey couldn't pass up the chance to go to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, one of Vancouver’s most iconic sites.

The main attraction in this 11 hectare park is of course the suspension bridge, which stretches 137 metres (450 feet) across, at 70 metres (230 feet) above Capilano River. Seeing the bridge was quite nerve-wracking, especially when I took my first step on it. You actually have to hold on to the railings since the bridge moves and sways, especially with all the people crossing it. But despite my fears, the bridge is very sturdy. In fact, a huge tree fell on it back in 2006, but the bridge's cables remained undamaged and the bridge stayed in place. Whew!

can you spot me?
gorgeous view from the bridge

Aside from the suspension bridge, there are so many other things to see and do in the park. It was so relaxing strolling through the rainforest and ponds, and seeing all the majestic trees hundreds of years old!

Another attraction was the Treetops Adventure, a unique, tree-friendly encounter high in the forest. The seven suspension bridges of Treetops Adventure puts you over 30 metres (100 feet) into the tree canopy. This was more fun for me since it wasn't so high up and the bridges were shorter. I felt like we were in an Ewok Village or something. :)

There was even a fun activity for kids where they answer a series of questions as they go through the forest. Once they have collected all the answers, they earn their very own Rainforest Explorer's badge!

The newest addition to the park is the Cliffwalk, another exhilirating experience. The Cliffwalk hangs for a heart-stopping 213m (700 feet) and reaches up to 91m (300 feet) high. This stunning walkway, made partly of glass, hugs the granite cliffside as it offers a panoramic view of the rainforest and canyon far below.

The park also features rain forest ecotours, award-winning gardens, nature trails, North America's largest private collection of First Nations totem poles, period decor and costumes, and exhibits highlighting the park's history and the surrounding temperate rain forest.

I definitely conquered my fear of heights after our visit here! Beautiful and breathtaking, Capilano is a must visit when in Vancouver.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park
Open every day except Christmas Day
Daily: 9am - 5pm | Summer: 8:30am - 8pm
Website: www.capbridge.com
Email: info@capbridge.com
Address: 3735 Capilano Road, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4J1

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