Thursday, November 27, 2014

Back to Black

The last time I had my hair colored was waaaay back in June. That was when I had it done in Fringe Salon and really went for a lighter shade (the lightest my hair has ever been actually). Here's the pics from that salon trip:

Anyway, 5 whole months went by and now my hair is a hot mess. Actually, I still like the color but the roots are what's annoying the crap out of me. I like having light hair but it is hard to maintain for me. I'm not the type pa naman who would go to the salon every month to have the roots colored. Time consuming and sayang sa pera. ;p

eeeewww kadiri I know! ;p

So I finally decided to just go back to my original color. I had it done in David's Salon (Santana Grove branch) since I saw they had a 50% off promo during that time. It cost about P1,250 for my long hair which was a pretty good deal. :)

Anyway, here's how my hair looks like now. Goodbye ugly roots! It's not exactly black since it still looks brown under the sun or when hit by the light. Which is just what I wanted. And now, I don't have to dye it again when it grows longer. At least not until I decide to go lighter again. :)

We had a wedding to attend the next day in Tagaytay and I was so happy with my new overall look. I didn't realize how much I missed having dark hair haha! Oh, and I did my own makeup pala, ok ba? Kinda natural look lang ang kinalabasan haha. I'm still a bit scared to go darker on the eyes or do the whole smoky eye thing. Practice muna lol. ;p

What do you think? Do you prefer dark or lighter colored hair on me? :)


  1. A darker one's nice. You look great on it! Ang sexy mo naman Helene!! hehe, bakit ako 1 year na since nanganak eh bongga pa din ang fats? Hahaha! =)

    1. Thanks sis! I'm glad I made the right decision to go darker again. :) and nakakapayat talaga magalaga ng 3 super likot chikitings lol! ;p

  2. Love how it turned out! Ganda mo and I like your maxi dress ;)

  3. Hi Ms. Helene! May I know kung anong shade nung color ng hair mo sa 1st pic? Thanks! :)

    1. Naku I don't know the exact shade e... I just told them kasi I really wanted it lighter, then they just mixed the colors. Maybe you can just show the pic in your salon to give them an idea :)



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