Sunday, July 1, 2012

Smiley & Grumpy

Even though they're just 14 months apart, my 2 kids are as different as night and day. Just from the physical aspect, they don't even look alike. Miley is my mini-me while Sabe looks exactly like his dad. Miley has my light skin while Sabe is darker. When the kids are playing outside, our yaya says that the neighbors usually ask if they're siblings (they think Miley is Korean or Japanese daw).

Personality wise, Miley has always been a happy baby. Even when she was just a few months old, she would laugh and giggle all the time. It was so easy to make her smile. Sabe, meanwhile, has his forehead wrinkled up all the time. He always looks like he's deep in thought over something serious.

Smiley Miley & Grumpy Sabe when they were both just a few months old

Their development is also on different levels. When Miley was a year old, she was already talking. She had a wide vocabulary which included the words Elmo, no, again, baby, hi, etc. She could mimic the sounds of animals. She could point and identify who we were (Mommy, Daddy, Yaya, etc). Now, Sabe is 1 year and 2 months old and he can only say mama or mamam (for water). But everyone tells me girls develop faster than boys. Although what Sabe lacks in vocabulary, he makes up for physically. He sure is strong and can walk/run FAST!

Miley also loved books from the beginning. I remember reading to her when she was just little and she would listen intently absorbing everything. But whenever we try reading to Sabe, he just takes the book and eats it!

same rocker chair, same shirt, not so same expression

The differences don't end there. Meal time is such a challenge for Miley since its so hard to make her eat real food. She only eats "crunchy" chicken (meaning the skin only), fries, chips, pancit canton, ice cream and basically everything that's not healthy. We can only get her to eat rice and it has to be plain, she won't eat it if there's soup or sauce mixed in with it. Sabe on the other hand eats anything and everything! Whenever he sees someone eating, he'll immediately go to that person and ask for food (parang puppy lang). The only food he doesn't seem to like is chocolate, which is another favorite of Miley's!

We actually have a theory on the kids' eating habits. When I was pregnant with Miley, I was so health conscious since it was my first pregnancy. I ate fruits and veggies, plus I eliminated junk food and soda from my diet. However, during my pregnancy with Sabe, I ended up eating chocolate all the time. So maybe when they were in my tummy, they already got sick of eating the foods I ate. Once they came out, they didn't want those foods anymore. Hahaha does that even make sense?!

I guess we know who's the real Lakers fan... and who weighs more ;p

I love how they have their own distinct personalities so early on. It definitely makes life more interesting for all of us. What's exciting is if we have another baby. I wonder who he or she will look like? Will it be a mix of me and Vins this time? And more importantly, what character or traits will he or she have? ;p

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  1. Miley looks like Cabbage Patch in her pic in the rocker. =)



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