Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Art Attack

Here's some of the arts and crafts projects me and the kids have been up to lately:

- PAPER SHAPES - Made these from colored art paper and just stuck them on the wall using masking tape. Perfect decor for the rainy days.

- ORIGAMI - I just searched online for easy to do tutorials and viola!

- CLAY - Just make sure its non-toxic and supervise the kids closely since they might eat it. Their daddy was a bit hesitant at first to make them play with it, but in the end, he was the one making all the shapes! Check out a few of his creations below. =)

- DRAWING with CRAYONS - Actually, what Miley likes to do is TELL ME what to draw. For some reason, she loves making me draw a "witchy witchy" all the time. We also love tracing our hands and feet and putting "nail polish" by coloring the nails.

- DRAWING with COLORING PENS - After all the crayons got broken c/o the kids, I decided to buy coloring pens. Miley was ecstatic! Finally, she was the one drawing...

And then, she discovered writing on herself. Ok, I couldn't resist, I drew some small "tattoos" on her ankle. ;p

Now I thought she was done playing so I left her alone for a minute and THIS is what I came back to...

Uh-oh! That's why always buy WASHABLE coloring materials! ;p

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