Friday, July 6, 2012

Howards Storage World Loot

I got a chance to go to Robinsons Place Ermita the other day, and the only place I was excited to check out was Howards Storage World! Anyway, the Robinsons branch was disappointingly smaller compared to the Shangri-La branch where I went crazy shopping here. They were on sale, but nothing I really needed or wanted. I ended up buying some over the door hooks and a towel rack which I've been itching to get for months.

over the cabinet towel bar for the kitchen - P399.75

chrome over the door single hook - P199.75

over the door double hook - P249.75

30cm white towel rack - P129.75

Isn't it funny I ended up buying mostly hooks? I just find these things so fabulous and ingenious since you don't need to drill or nail anything to your doors anymore. And you know how my husband feels about drilling (not good). Just a tip though, make sure you measure the width of your door or cabinet since the hooks come in different sizes. You want to make sure it fits over your door just right.

To help me stay on a budget, I make sure to keep my purchases to at least P1,000 when shopping at a store. This prevents me from impulse buying and allows me to really think if I need something or not. Wow, is this me? I really am maturing and being more responsible with money! My hubby will be so proud! ;p

My grand total? P979.00! Not bad. Can't wait to go back to the Shangri-La branch though. =)

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