Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Multiple Intelligence & a Progress Preschool Gold BLOG GIVEAWAY

The theory of Multiple Intelligences was developed by Dr. Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University, in 1983 to help better understand how children process and learn information.

Basically, there are different kinds of intelligences that a child may possess namely:

Don’t you notice how some children are more talented when it comes to singing and dancing? Or maybe some kids are more creative and artistic, while others gravitate more towards sports. Kids also tend to prefer certain subjects over others like English, Social Studies, Math or Science.

Exposing your child to these different types of intelligences is important so that we may know what their preferred learning style is. Then, we can capitalize on it and help them develop more. I can already tell that my 5-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son are stronger in certain areas compared to others. This is perfectly fine since I can already support their interests and skills and encourage them to be whatever they want to be when they grow up.

My daughter is very creative and loves to draw, doodle, color and do arts and crafts activities. She also likes doing puzzles which she could already complete on her own at a young age! She also has a very active imagination and loves to make up stories and characters as well.

Both my kids have extensive vocabularies and I’m sometimes amazed at the words they use. Like my 5-year old daughter will say, “That’s hilarious!”, “That’s so disappointing.”, “Stop pestering me!” and many more words which I’m surprised she even knows the meaning of! My son has also learned to read on his own when he was just 2 years old just by observing the words he would see when he watches cartoons.

A child is Body Smart when he excels in sports, enjoys physical activities and has excellent fine-motor coordination. 

My son can hardly sit still! He just loves to move and touch things. His teacher also told us that he can kick the ball very well which is why she suggested we enroll him in soccer classes. He is also such a good dancer and can copy dance steps like a pro (I swear, he can groove to Gangnam Style just like Psy hehe!).

But don’t worry if it looks like your child is only strong in a couple of areas because that’s perfectly normal. And all the forms of Intelligences are equally valuable and will possibly mold our children into who they will be in the future and what careers they will take. Just look for cues to their preferred learning style and let them express themselves freely. And proper nutrition is definitely important to help give your child the edge with Multiple Intelligence.


So mommies and daddies, what Multiple Intelligences does your child possess? Share them with me and get a chance to win a special gift pack from Progress Preschool Gold with special toys for your kids that will further promote and practice Multiple Intelligence. 

It’s very easy to join. Just follow the steps below via Rafflecopter:

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Step 1: Leave a comment below sharing your experience with your child’s Multiple Intelligence. Also leave your name and email address.

My child has Naturalistic Intelligence because she enjoys nature and likes to play outdoors. She loves going to museums and the zoo. She likes taking care of pets too and wants to become a veterinarian someday.
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This contest is open nationwide to my blog readers in the Philippines. It will run from today until March 31, 2015.

See, it’s super simple! So help give your child the edge with Multiple Intelligence and join now. Good luck! :)


  1. My children, at the age of one year old alreadyknows how to play basketball. They can already shoot the ball on the ring!

    Neri Ann Narvaez

  2. Both daughters of mine, ages 4 and 2 year old, have artistic intelligence. At this early, they love music and even see themselves in front of the mirror, singing, dancing and even follows facial and body expression usually from TV commercials and from children friendly movies like Wizard of Oz or Frozen.. When their favorite song is being played they hurriedly run in front of the mirror and expresses themselves like they are performing on stage!

    Donna Rose O. Juezan

  3. My son, Nathan Gabriel, is a real fast learner. I remember having to occasionally lose patience when he was younger whenever I try to teach him write and read. But bringing him to the outside world proved to be the best key to learning.

    Last summer, I enrolled him into a preparatory summer school as part of his very first informal schooling. Since both of us parents are working, we decided that what we can't provide him, we have to let somebody else give. We are more that amazed at how the 4-week course turned out. When he took the entrance exam, he got accelerated straight to Kinder II. His teachers said he didn't need to go through Nursery and Kinder I anymore. Imagine our smiles because not only are we so proud, we were also lucky to be saving some money from fees, etc.

    When he entered school, he proved to be a really bright kid. From ranking 7th during the first quarter, he now ranks 2nd and is vying for the 1st honor roll in class. He's teacher said it was because of the extra points in co-curricular activities he accumulated. He won their school title in their pageant. Aside from all these, my adorable child is also good in declamation and dances gracefully in school. I couldn't be any proud. :)

    Tina Elaine M. Resuello

  4. My daughter Celine, at age two, already knows how to have a proper grip with pens and can scribble few shapes. At her early age, I know I am raising a reader because she loves being surrounded with books! She also love to sing and dance and can easily follow songs from Frozen, Dora and Princess Sofia.

    Celinna Yu

  5. I must say that I'm very very proud of my son Gabo who’s at the age of 6 is now at his best when it comes to Origami. We did not teach him how to do it. We just observed and saw that there were already many paper planes and cranes in our house. I can see that he has a fine motor skill. He has the initiative to watch youtube on the different strategies and techniques on how to effectively master the art of folding a paper. Making an origami appeals to his creative, inventive and constructive abilities. There is a study that it will significantly improve your child's Math skill through origami. No wonder that Gabo was second in rank on their Math subject in the class.
    He does not only excel in the IQ level but more importantly in his EQ. We, being Gabo’s parent also saw him gradually develop his associative thinking skills and concentration and attention to details. I’m also very happy that he has also improved a good amount of patience and perseverance which are the good qualities to be improved while the children are still young. In this learning by doing activity, there is a continuous interaction of the action and thought process. I’m confident that Gabo is doing a good job!

    Ma. Celin H. Mendoza

  6. My daughter who just turned 4. Is a natural music lover. When she was a newborn I let her listen to Baby Einstein. When she was 1 she loves playing her ukulele at a very young age I already knew that she will excel in music field that's why me and my husband supports our little one all the way.

    Jeddahlyn Gonzales



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