Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Acuaverde photodiary

We took a quick overnight trip to Acuaverde a few weeks ago. We've already stayed here a couple of times and if you want more details about the resort, check out my post HERE. Anyway, what was nice when we went was that the weather was sunny and cool, since this was the end of January. It felt great to just lounge in the cabanas with the fresh breeze making you want to take a nap. And we hung out at the beach immediately after lunch since it wasn't that hot. Not like during the summer when we'd wait until it was about 4pm to leave our rooms. Plus, you couldn't even sit in the lounge chairs since it would be scorching hot!

Anyway, here are some pics from our stay :)

hello bright yellow trash can photobomber!

"Daddy, don't let go of me!" hehe face of pure panic! Don't worry Sky, we're right here!

first time to semi-swim in the ocean

 his and hers

so much happier playing the sand, away from the water ;p

while these two were contented with playing in the shower!

 naku, mana kay Daddy! ;p

cheers Dad!

with Mama and Lolo

footprints in the sand

my loves

Can't wait for summer to officially start though! What about you, have you planned your summer vacations yet? :)

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