Monday, March 16, 2015

Hi-5 House Hits at the Meralco Theater

We've been wanting to watch Hi-5 a couple of times in the past but it never really worked out. And then the kids sort of grew out of their addiction (although they'd still watch them on TV every now and then). Plus, all the members are new except for Stevie (the blonde guy) so they weren't that familiar yet with this cast. Anyway, we weren't really planning on watching anymore when we heard they were going to be back last February 28 and March 1. But then tickets were offered at 50% off so we figured it was a pretty good deal.

Concert was held at the Meralco Theater this time around. I haven't been here in a loooong time (I believe the last time was when I watched The Little Mermaid years ago when I was in college pa!).

A lot of people were buying souvenirs and merchandise, but they were really expensive. The foam Hi-5 hand was I think about P400! And I knew they wanted it right then, but would forget about it later on (trash na naman sa house). Good thing we were able to convince them not to buy na lang hehe. There was also a Meet and Greet pass being offered at P2,500 for each kid. Maybe if this was the old cast that the kids were familiar with I would have considered? But still, it was super expensive!

There were 3 seating sections: VIP, Gold, & Silver. I originally wanted to get Gold but the ticketing guy said there were no more good seats in that section and better to get na lang in Silver which had available seats in the center. The venue was small lang naman so it was ok since our seats were in the 2nd row of the Silver Center section. However, when we entered the theater, we were surprised to find this when we sat down - THE SOUND STAGE WAS RIGHT SMACK IN FRONT OF US.

the sound booth right in front of the Silver Center section

Since we were in the 2nd row, we could still kinda see over it but it was the kids I was concerned about. They would have to stand on their seats to see properly or have them go to the aisle when the show started. Plus, the tech guys and the lights in their table was totally distracting! I was really getting upset since if I knew about this, I would have gotten seats in the sides na lang and not in the middle.

Anyway, I approached an usher and voiced my concerns. And I wasn't shouting or being a bitch or anything like that ha, I just seriously wanted to let them know that they should have informed ticket buyers about this beforehand. And I think they were already prepared for people to complain since after apologizing, she immediately said that she would transfer our seats... to the GOLD SECTION! It took a couple of minutes for them to find seats but they were able to right when the show was about to start (we were in the right side this time). So thank goodness everything did work out in the end! :)

yey, so much closer to the stage!
totally engrossed...
they had these giant balloons bouncing around in the audience but it only reached the VIP section hehe
dancing to L.O.V.E

Other thoughts for those who will watch in Meralco Theater next time:
- No food allowed inside. We had to deposit the kids' snacks and drinks before entering the theater. We also made sure to exit immediately after the show so we could get our stuff quickly, since we didn't want to get stuck in the long line of people claiming their bags.
- It was very cold inside the theater. Bring jackets.
- The theater is quite small so anywhere you sit is quite fine really. If it wasn't for that sound booth in front of us, our seats would have been perfect. Buti na lang talaga they were able to transfer us. :)

It was a fun show and I'm glad we decided to watch. And the new cast was great too! So nice to see all the kids (and even the parents!) singing and dancing along to the songs. :)


  1. I would love to watch din sana kung yung old cast din sina tim, fely, lauren and cassie pa yung kasama. HIndi din kasi familiar si James sa kanila so whenever we watch Hi-5 ngayon then yung new cast, hindi na nya pinapansin. Hehehe. =) I loved this review Helene :)

    1. Thanks sis! And yes, favorite ko pa naman si Fely kasi Pinay siya right. And my hubby likes Lauren kasi super pretty haha! And gusto ng kids si Cassie! Pero ok din naman un new cast kaso siyempre iba talaga un dati :)



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