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Baby Care Rituals for Happy, Healthy Development

Johnson’s® shares how moms and dads can 
stimulate their baby’s senses through these baby care rituals

JOHNSON’S® understands that for Filipino parents, their baby’s health and development is of primary importance. This is why we’ve developed sensorial rituals that parents can consistently enjoy doing with their babies. When used with our specially-formulated JOHNSON’S® products, these rituals can unlock the full power of the senses and help baby develop healthily and happily.

We encourage parents to learn more about these rituals, and regularly practice them with their children from birth up until their toddler years.

Newborns aged 0-6 months use their five senses to survive. Their senses allow them to feel safe, stable and secure. JOHNSON’S® advocates newborn rituals for sensory security.

1.     4-Step Newborn Bathing Ritual – Calms the baby’s senses to help him feel more safe and secure.

a.     Step 1: Massage baby with JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil to leave a warm protective barrier on his skin.
b.    Step 2: Wrap baby in a swaddle to mimic the feeling of the baby while inside the mother’s womb. This will make him feel safe and secure as you lower him down in a tub of lukewarm water. Using JOHNSON’S® Top-to-Toe Wash, start cleaning baby’s face first, and then slowly unwrap him to clean his body. This ensures that he isn’t stripped of his skin’s natural moisture.
c.     Step 3: Rinse baby and dry. Lock in the moisture with JOHNSON’S® Baby Pink Lotion.
d.    Step 4: Apply JOHNSON’S® Baby Powder on baby’s body, including the nappy area, to protect him from irritation-causing wetness and keep him comfortable.

2.     2-Step Soothing Nappy Care Ritual – Protects baby from irritation.

a.     Step 1: Use JOHNSON’S® Baby Skin Care Wipes, which has moisturizing essences that cleans and protects baby’s skin better than water and soap alone.
b.    Step 2: Before changing baby’s diaper, give baby’s skin complete protection with JOHNSON’S® Baby Complete Care Powder, which effectively absorbs and repels wetness, reduces skin friction, and soothes skin irritation from wearing diapers.

Infants (7 months to 2 years) use their senses to explore for rapid brain development. JOHNSON’S® advocates daily rituals for sensory discovery such as a playful bath of textures, sights and scents, and a calming bedtime routine for better sleep.

3.     4-Step Infant Bathing Ritual – Stimulates baby’s senses to help his development and growth.

a.     Step 1: Massage baby with JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil to leave a warm protective barrier on his skin.
b.    Step 2: Cleanse baby with JOHNSON’S® Baby Milk + Rice Bath to nourish his developing skin.
c.     Step 3: Rinse baby and dry. Lock in the moisture with JOHNSON’S® Baby Milk + Rice Lotion to strengthen growing skin with 200%* more nourishing ingredients.
d.    Step 4: Apply JOHNSON’S® Baby Powder Milk + Rice on baby’s body, including the nappy area, to complete skin nourishment and keep baby’s skin healthy, soft and smooth.

4.     4-Step Bedtime Ritual – Proven to improve baby’s sleep to help him grow and develop to his full potential.

a.     Step 1: Massage baby with JOHNSON’S® Baby Bedtime Oil  with NATURALCALM™ essences that help baby feel calm, relaxed and ready for better sleep.
b.    Step 2: Bathe baby with JOHNSON’S® Baby Bedtime Bath to help your little one let go of the day’s excitement
c.     Step 3: Rinse baby and dry. Massage with JOHNSON’S® Baby Bedtime Lotion to foster mom and baby bonding and sooth & strengthen baby's skin.
d.    Step 4: Protect baby from wetness while helping him sleep better with JOHNSON’S® Baby Bedtime Powder.

Children aged 2-5 years use their five senses to build an understanding of everything in the world. Their senses must be stimulated with hands-on activities that are the foundation for learning. JOHNSON’S® advocates sensory mastery, which includes getting ready for play and stimulation of each of the five physical senses.

5.     3-Step Playtime Ritual – Supports growing kid’s healthy sensorial development by making him ready for play

a.     Step 1: Bathe baby with JOHNSON’S® Baby Active Fresh Bath. Its easy rinse formula is infused with ActiveFresh™ technology that leaves skin clean and smelling fresh all-day.
b.    Step 2: To let your child play outdoor more pleasantly, use JOHNSON’S® Baby Active Fresh Powder. It contains ActiveFresh™ technology bursts with fragrance upon contact with sweat, for long lasting fragrance all day.
c.     Step 3: Keep baby smelling fresh with JOHNSON’S® Baby Cologne that instantly energizes with an invigorating scent.

All of these rituals are made possible because every JOHNSON’S® product has Triple Baby Protection, which promises:
1)     Only the safest ingredients that are proven to be appropriate for babies
2)     Mild formulations to avoid irritation on baby’s skin
3)     Effectiveness in helping to keep skin’s natural moisture

We encourage moms and dads to make bath time and the other baby care rituals mean so much more to maximize their happy and healthy development. Make sure to spend more quality time with your babies in these different rituals  – massage them more, talk to them more, play with them more – to help nurture their ability to learn, think, love, and grow.

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