Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Gaspi's in SM BF

We've practically tried all the restaurants in SM BF already, so we decided to eat here in Gaspi's for the first time one afternoon when we were craving for Spanish food.

First of all, I totally love the interiors especially those brick walls and that glass archway...

Here's their menu:

This is their free bread which was served at the start of the meal. The bread was soft and there was a lot of butter given as well.

For our appetizers, we got Croquetas and Calamares. Both were just ok for me, nothing special.

Chicken croquettes in bechamel sauce
Calamares Fritos

For our main dish, we got the Salpicado and Paella. If I remember correctly, the Salpicado came with rice but since we ordered paella already, we decided to get onion rings instead. However, the onion rings were not crunchy at all and also a bit cold. The salpicao was ok but for the price, the serving was definitely small.

Salpicado with Onion Rings
closer look at the Salpicado

The best thing about our meal was the paella, but even that was just average tasting for us...

Paella de Arroz ala Cubana

Overall, I'm sorry to say that the food was disappointing for us. I don't know if we ordered the wrong things but we definitely have tasted better elsewhere. And for the price we paid (about P1500) sana we ate na lang in Vikings or something hehe. ;p

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